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Develop your filed skills at ABO!


The Antikythira Bird Observatory, Hellenic Ornithological Society is offering three (unpaid) Internship positions during the spring season of 2017.
The subjects of the internships are
• Butterfly and Moth surveys. Operating a moth trap and conducting butterfly surveys. (end of march- end of May)
• Bird Surveys. Participating in birds counts, bird ringing and tracking of colour ringed and radio tagged birds (end of march- end of May)
• Participating in the behavioral study of the water usage f the Eleonora’s falcon (end of April – end of May)

If you are interested in developing your filed skills, working in an international environment at a small isolated Greek island,  do not hesitate to apply for the position.
For more information contact: Christos Barboutis (

Bird Ringing opportunity in Greece – open call for volunteering, Spring 2017 (end of March – end of May)

Antikythira Bird Observatory (ABO), run by the Hellenic Ornithological Society / BirdLife Greece, is organizing a bird ringing campaign, supervised by the Hellenic Bird Ringing Center. We hereby invite you to participate in our bird ringing campaign (either as a ringer or a helper). Volunteer applications for the spring season of 2017 have just started.

Volunteers will be mainly be involved in the bird ringing routines but also participate in other bird monitoring and research projects and habitat restoration activities depending on their skills.

More information about ABO can be found at its web page:
Applications can be submitted here
For further question please contact Christos Barboutis (



Autumn 2016, day 27 of bird ringing. End of the season!

Last day of the autumn season for 2016 and it was great!eight species at the constant effort site and six at the opportunistic site,plus two new species to add to the season.

A big thanks to all our volunteers for their help and support. See you again in spring 2017.


Emberiza clandra

Autumn 2016, day 25 of bird ringing.

Strong NE winds  did not allow us  t open the nets today . We are hoping the next few days will be calmer so that we can resume ringing.

Raptor and soaring bird count for 27/9/16. Autumn 2016 – Day 41.

Last day for the raptor count ! We had strong east winds (7bf) and a clear day but a few arrivals. We made a raptor appointment for next fall! We wish everyone a great birding winter!  For more info check the link below :


Autumn 2016, day 24 of bird ringing.

Windy day today, but we did have some blackcaps, while redstarts continue to be the most common species to be found in the nets.

More info see link below:

Raptor and soaring bird count for 26/9/16. Autumn 2016 – Day 40.

Another day with east winds (4-5bf). Today we had royals arriving on the island…For more info check the links below :


Autumn 2016, day 23 of bird ringing.

A cloudy, slow day today at the nets, but we’re still getting a few redstarts.

Raptor and soaring bird count for 25/9/16. Autumn 2016 – Day 39.

The wind slowed down today. We had E to SE winds up to 6bf and the raptor activity was a bit better than the previous days. For more info check the link below :

Autumn 2016, day 22 of bird ringing.

Still windy but we could open the nets and we had a wave of redstart plus another four species.

More details: