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Raptor and soaring bird count for 27/9/16. Autumn 2016 – Day 41.

Last day for the raptor count ! We had strong east winds (7bf) and a clear day but a few arrivals. We made a raptor appointment for next fall! We wish everyone a great birding winter!  For more info check the link below :

Raptor count. Day 20. Booted Eagles.

After a few days of great passage, the migration has slowed down. Probably we have seen the peak of the honey buzzards on the island. From now on, less and less adults are expected to pass while the juvenile passage is going to increase. We had today the first spotting of booted eagles: one dark […]

Raptor Count 2015. Day 19. Back to the future, Egyptian Vulture and a lot of birds.

At last, the electrical problems on the island have been fixed and we are back in the present times, with electrical power and internet connection. Many thanks to Fotini, the doctor of the island, who let us cook at her place! The first day with no electricity has been a good day for the eyes […]

Raptor Count 2015.Day 13: Goshawk!

Early this morning the wind was still strong, but the day was bright, the air clear, and we climbed the hill with the hope of some nice spotting. And so we spotted, in the afternoon, a Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis) juvenile, mobbed by several Eleonora’s Falcons. The first hours passed with no birds. Few minutes after […]

Raptor Count 2015.Day 12: changing of the guard in Windykythira!

The ringing activity is starting tomorrow and Eli and the volunteers, with the new entry Angie, have been busy setting the mistnets. I, Giacomo, have been charmed by the island last year and I’m here again to count the raptors. If only the wind lets me! Today it’s been very wind, as well, with gusts […]

Raptor Migration Count, 25 Sep, Autumn 2014. Red Kite (?)

Yesterday Robert (Robin) left: a big big hug from all of us for this enthusiastic and smiling guy!   So, the Raptor Team has become smaller and again we had to ask for reinforcement from the Ringing team. Alexandra from Serbia was at the hill with her many questions. It has been a windy day […]

Day 19 of ringing. 25 Sep Autumn 2014. Raptor surprise!

Today the weather was very calm. We captured a standard number of individuals with a good level of species diversity, that means that the migration of the passerines is back to being active. The big surprise was the capture of a raptor in our nets. The volunteers had the opportunity to see another type and […]

The Barn Owl, the night king of Antikythira.

The Barn Owl (Tyto alba, Τυτώ) is for sure the top predator among the night raptors of Antikythira*. Two to three couples breed on the island and even though we have dedicated quite some time to find their nests we have not yet succeeded. The island is full of natural cavities and abandons houses/ ruins. […]

A guest of honor.

    During the end of August one of the Balkan Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus, Ασπροπάρης)  tagged with a satellite transmitter spend two days on the island.  Ikaros which is the name of the bird were tagged by HOS in the framework of LIFE+ project “The Return of the Neophron“