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Archive for October, 2007

We’ll be back in spring

Autumn period is over for ABO, time to “fly” back to the wintering grounds. Look for us again in spring, we will be back to study once again the migration miracle. Special thanks to all the volunteers who devoted their time during the past 75 days in the field.  If you wish to see more […]

From warblers to finches and more

Winter is progressing in Europe and birds are rushing south, some in time and others a bit late. Check some of today’s catch. (Top to bottom, Sedge Warbler A. schoenobaenus, Cetti’s Warbler C. cetti, Garden Warbler S. borin, Chaffinch F. coelebs, Siskin C. spinus, Robin E.rubecula, Barn swallow H.rustica)


Firecrest (R.ignicapillus) is a short range migrant that travels during night. It is resident in great part of Europe while northern and eastern populations heading mainly to the Mediterranean region for wintering. This species, that nearly flies through the mist nets, it is the 2nd smallest in west Palearctic. (1st picture male, 2nd female)

Spanish Sparrow

Spanish Sparrow (P.hispaniolensis), a species that breeds in the Mediterranean basin, the Balkans and central Asia making short migration jumps to N. Africa and Middle East while eastern populations heading to the northernn regions of Pakistan and India. During migration can be observed in large flocks moving in high speed.


Usually a very early morning catch, Nightjar (C.europaeus), is a nocturnal insectivore species. During day lies on the ground and it’s easier to be detected at dusk or dawn by its caracteristic flying movements. Occurs throughout Europe and winters in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Eleonora’s Falcon

Antikythira hosts one of the largest breeding colonies of Eleonora’s Falcon (F.eleonorae) globally. This medium size falcon breeds in the Mediterranean, adapted to wait for autumn migration flow of small passerines in order to feed the chicks, before departing to the wintering grounds in east Africa and Madagascar. In these photos a dark face Eleonora […]

Yellow-Browed Warbler

Yellow-Browed Warbler, (P.inornatus) a small Siberian race warbler that winters from north India east to south east China and south to Malay peninsula occuring only accidental in Europe. This rare species was ringed for the first time today in Antikythira and second overall Greece.

Black Stork

Black Stork (C. nigra) is a widespread but rare bird that breeds mainly in central and eastern Europe and spends winters in tropical Africa. It flies using thermals like raptors. These two birds were observed together with a group of large and medium size raptors. In the photo they soar with a Common Buzzard (B.buteo).

Song Thrush

Although rare catch in Antikythira, with less than 10 specimens during the past 5 years, Song Thrush (T.philomelos) occurs all over Europe. Northern populations migrate to south and western parts of the continent expanding as far as N.Africa and M.East. Today, after 3 days of strong north wind, we had 3 more.