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Archive for October, 2010

Day 35 and last day of ringing camp

Today, 07 october, the ringing camp finishes for this season with a couple of Spanish sparrow (Passer hispaniolensis). The weather was very bad, strong wind from north and rain. Because of bad weather we have closed before of the 10th october.  The total number of bird ringed is around to 1000. The number of species is of […]

Day 31 of ringing: Nightjar

Today we catched one Nightjar (Caprimulgus europeus)!, the second of this autumn (the first one the first day of ringing). After the day of yesterday, the birds have left the island probably this night. Today few birds, the species more ringed today has been yet the blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla), then some Garden warbler (Sylvia borin), […]

Day 30 of ringing: 113 birds and Blackcap with ring Croatia!!

Today, 02 october, a beautiful day full of news. The most important one is a recapture of a Blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla) with a foreign ring: Croatia-Zagreb!! We are waiting for to know from Zagreb when has been ringed this bird. Today we have ringed 113 birds! (the previous record was of 109 birds the 14 september). […]

Day 29 of ringing: 78 birds

Today, 1st october, the weather was good and a loto of birds has arrived into Antikythira! We have ringed 78 birds! This is the list: 2 Tree pipit (Anthus trivialis), 6 Robin (Erithacus rubecola), 8 Red-breasted flycatcher (Ficedula parva) one of these a nice aduld male, 3 Icterine warbler (Hippolais Icterina), 2 Nightngale (Luscinia megarhynchos), 5 Yellow […]

Day 28 of ringing: Common rosefinch (Carpodacus erythrinus)!!

Today, 30 september, a very rare bird into the nets: a Common rosefinch (Carpodacus erythrinus)!! This is the fifth capture into the Antikythira (the last one was in the autumn 2008). The Common rosefinch breeds in North East Europe and Asia and wintering in India. This individual was a juvenile and it was probably a vagrant.  Today not […]