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Archive for May, 2013

Volunteers, Spring 2013!

We Thank Adam, Bap, Carlos, Danae, Eleni, Ele, Eli, Julia, Louis, Manolia, Marie, Martin, Melanie, Niki, Penelope, Sofia, Tara and Teo for helping us out! Hope to see you again soon! Cheers

Species Account, Spring 2013 – Draft

In total little bit less than 2000 birds were ringed, of 53 species Eurasian Sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus, Ξεφτέρι), Common Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus, Βραχοκιρκίνεζο), Eleonora’s Falcon (Falco eleonorae, Μαυροπετρίτης) European Turtle Dove (Streptopelia turtur, Τρυγόνι), Barn Owl (Tyto alba, Τυτώ), Eurasian Scops Owl (Otus scops, Γκιώνης), European Nightjar (Caprimulgus europaeus, Γιδοβύζι), European Bee-eater (Merops apiaster, Μελισσοφάγος), […]

Day 60 of (non) ringing, Spring 2013 – net are down!

As usual for this season the weather was against us even at the last ringing session. Nets are now collected and the ringing valley seems naked without poles and nets!

Day 59 of ringing, Spring 2013

It felt like migration has finished. Extremely few birds were flying around. In fact it seems that only Garden Warbler (Sylvia borin, Κηποτσιροβάκος), which was the most abundant species today, is still on the move. Corn Buntings (Emberiza calandra, Τσιφτάς) had not been trapped when they passing, but today we trapped an individual that seems […]

Day 58 of ringing, Spring 2013

  Most of the birds have already moved northwards! Birds that are mainly passing this time of the year are Icterine Warbler (Hippolais icterina, Κιτρινοστριτσίδα), Garden Warbler (Sylvia borin, Κηποτσιροβάκος) and Spotted Flycatcher (Muscicapa striata, Σταχτομυγοχάφτης). The possible Western Olivaceous Warbler (Iduna opaca, Καστανοστριτσίδα) is still around and was retrapped, so we had the possibility to […]

Western Olivaceous Warbler (!, ?)

Martin had a feeling that we would have a special bird today and indeed we got! So we believe that we got a Western Olivaceous Warbler (Iduna opaca, Καστανοστριτσίδα). If it is arouved by the Rarity committee this will be the second of the species recored in Greeace. We will keep you updated! At the second […]

Day 56 of ringing, Spring 2013

A nice sunny day today with 75 birds in total. The most abundant species was the Spotted Flycatcher (Muscicapa striata, Σταχτομυγοχάφτης) and the Garden Warbler (Sylvia borin, Κηποτσιροβάκος).  We also trapped some Black Redstarts (Phoenicurus ochruros, Καρβουνιάρης) and a Woodchat Shrike (Lanius senator, Κοκκινοκεφαλάς) we had not seen for a while. Other species trapped: Sand […]

Day 55 of ringing, Spring 2013 – the first Marsh Warblers

A new ringing species for this season today. Every year we get some Marsh Warblers (Acrocephalus palustris, Βαλτοποταμίδα) and today was one of those days. In fact we had a small come back of Acrocephalus warblers white some Sedge Warblers (Acrocephalus schoenobaenus, Σχοινοποταμίδα) and Eurasian Reed Warblers (Acrocephalus scirpaceus, Καλαμοποταμίδα). Other species trapped: Sand Martin […]

Day 54 of (non) ringing, Spring 2013

Another day with bad weather!

Day 53 of ringing, Spring 2013

The good weather did not last for long.  After a few net rounds the wind started building up, so we had to stop ringing. Anyhow we had fun as during the first net rounds we trapped among others, two European Nightjars (Caprimulgus europaeus, Γιδοβύζι) and some Spanish Sparrow (Passer hispaniolensis, Χωραφοσπουργίτης). Even if we did […]