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Archive for September, 2014

Day 23 of ringing. 29 Sep, Autumn 2014. Travel into history.

What to do if the weather is unfavourable for setting up the nets? This island has many surprises and interesting things to discover. We met a team of archaeologists that in this windy day were happy to show us trails of the history of Antikythira. They are studying the ruins of a Sanctuary and of […]

Day 22 of ringing. 28 Sep, Autumn. Eolos and “Posaidon”

  Eolos (Greek god of winds) and Poseidon (Greek god of sea) were demonstrating their power this morning and present us nice views of the sea around the island. Unfortunately again we could not open the nets today because strong wind. When there is a strong wind we can not work because it is dangerous […]

Raptor Migration Count, 28 Sep 2014: last day of monitoring

After 43 days and more than 2600 raptors counted, the Monitoring of the raptor migration over Antikythira in the Autumn 2014 is closed. As a coincidence, this last day was without any bird in migratory flight. Count: 0. That doesn’t mean that the migration is over: Raptors will be migrating until november, in less and […]

27 September 2014: Day 42 of Raptor Migration Monitoring & Day 21 of Ringing. Team up!

The autumn is in Antikithira: the volunteers are leaving like the leaves on a tree. The family of Antikythira has been reduced as 3 of our volunteers left yesterday night. Christian from UK, who has been more than one month in the raptor migration monitoring: he came to learn more about raptors and hopefully his […]

Raptor Migration Count, 26 sep, autumn 2014

Another member is leaving tonight, Christian, very good in spotting the birds by scanning constantly the sky. He’s migrating back in England, crossing his way with the birds that are going southwards. The migration of raptors is not over yet and the bad weather that we had, enhanced the passage over Antikythira instead of stopping […]

Day 20 of ringing. 26 Sep, Autumn. The day of the night birds!!!

The storm that was around Antikythira during the night and this morning offered us beautiful views, and finally we could not complete the today’s session because started to rain. Despite of the rain we had enough time to get some surprises in our nets. Sometimes during the first check of the nets, when it’s still […]

Raptor Migration Count, 25 Sep, Autumn 2014. Red Kite (?)

Yesterday Robert (Robin) left: a big big hug from all of us for this enthusiastic and smiling guy!   So, the Raptor Team has become smaller and again we had to ask for reinforcement from the Ringing team. Alexandra from Serbia was at the hill with her many questions. It has been a windy day […]

Day 19 of ringing. 25 Sep Autumn 2014. Raptor surprise!

Today the weather was very calm. We captured a standard number of individuals with a good level of species diversity, that means that the migration of the passerines is back to being active. The big surprise was the capture of a raptor in our nets. The volunteers had the opportunity to see another type and […]

Day 18 of ringing. 24 Sep Autunm 2014. The migration of Robins!!

The wind is still strong in Antikythira but is getting lower and the direction changed to North-east and brought us a lot of birds one of them which felt in our nets was new for this season,  Sedge Warbler (Acrocephalus schoenobaenus, Σχοινοποταμίδα). We hear during the night, before open the nets, some speacies like Anthus […]

Raptor Migration Count, 23 sep, Autumn 2014

The day began in the fog: low clouds were surrounding the hilltops and for the first 15 minutes we couldn’t see further than a few meters, and a thick haze was around us all day.   Moreover, a strong wind from SW made us think of an empty day. But, unexpectedly, a good number of […]