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Season Count Totals (Sampling period 17/08 to 28/09 2013)

Species Count
Egyptian Vulture    Neophron percnopterus 5
Osprey                       Pandion haliaetus 7
Lesser-Spotted Eagle  Aquila pomarina 8
Short-Toed Eagle    Circaetus gallicus 1
Booted Eagle                Aquila pennata 22
Black Kite                     Milvus migrans 86
Marsh Harrier               Circus aeruginosus 445
Montagu’s Harrier        Circus pygargus 11
Pallid Harrier               Circus macrourus 9
Unid. Harrier                Circus spp 3
Long-Legged Buzzard   Buteo rufinus 12
Steppe Buzzard            Buteo buteo vulpinus 2
Common Buzzard         Buteo buteo 17
Unid. Buteo                   Buteo spp 3
Honey Buzzard             Pernis apivorus 1911
Sparrowhawk           Accipiter nisus 136
Levant Sparrowhawk   Accipiter brevipes 2
Lesser Kestrel               Falco naumanni 15
Red-Footed Falcon        Falco vespertinus 1
Hobby                            Falco subbuteo 11
Merlin                            Falco columbarius 1
Saker Falcon                  Falco cherrug 1
Unid. Falcon                  Falco spp 2
Total 2711


That’s all from Antikythira, thanks for visiting, hope you found the count interesting, I certainly did..

I would like to wish good flight paths to those who are still counting at any Hawk Watch Site in the word big or small.

Angelos Evangelidis




Comment from colin
Time: September 29, 2013, 7:38 pm

Nice numbers there Angelos shame we could not have been there. We have only seen a fraction of these just across the water , I wonder which direction they headed ?
All the best hope to meet with you sometime soon
Colin and Sue

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