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Day 28 of ringing. 4 October, Autumn 2014. To Ring or no to Ring!


To ring or no to ring! that was the question…

The weather today was pretty windy so we had a dilemma if we should give it a try. Finally, we scheduled to check the nets every half an hour in order to be sure that they are working in the proper way. Meanwhile we had the chance to see one amazing nocturnal bird flying close to the nets, one European Nightjar (Caprimulgus europaeus, Γιδοβύζι).


Erithacus rubecula. Young (left), Adult (rigth)

Unfortunately the weather became worst so we had to give up after three hours. We trapped few birds but two European Robins (Erithacus rubecula, Κοκκινολαίμης) were perfect to explain the difference between partial (young) and complete moult (adult).


Erithacus rubecula.
Young, partial moult (left), old chick feathers with orange spots.
Adult, comple moult (rigth) all feathers moulted, without spots.

Today we trapped 5 birds of 3 different species.

Species trapped:

European Robin (Erithacus rubecula, Κοκκινολαίμης).
Song Thrush (Turdus philomelos, Τσίχλα).
Eurasian Blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla, Μαυροσκούφη).


Cleaning Xeropotamos!

Although the weather didn’t allow us to ring , we had the opportunity to accomplish another “mission”, to clean one more beach of the island, Xeropotamos. Tonight is our last night and we will enjoy ourselves in Myronas tavern, with the good company of the locals, the delicious katsiki (goat meat) and raki. Yamas!!!!


“Mission accomplished”


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