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Raptor Count 2015.Day 13: Goshawk!

Early this morning the wind was still strong, but the day was bright, the air clear, and we climbed the hill with the hope of some nice spotting. And so we spotted, in the afternoon, a Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis) juvenile, mobbed by several Eleonora’s Falcons.

The first hours passed with no birds. Few minutes after 11, one Marsh Harrier, adult male, suddenly appeared in a fast glide on the western side of the island. Following it, we’ve seen 3 more. After a few minutes, 2 Black Kites arrived from the western side, gliding very low over the ground almost against the wind, until they reached an inner valley where they gained height and passed by the island. Also the other birds that we’ve seen today had a similar track, consisted with what we observed last year. When the wind is from NE, the birds approach the island mostly from the west side and try to reach its inner valleys to fly safely and, if they need, to roost and hunt.

Total counts:

Species Number
Pernis apivorus 1
Milvus migrans 5
Circus aeruginosus 6
Accipiter gentilis 1