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Bird Ringing opportunity in Greece – open call for volunteering, Autumn 2018

Antikythira Bird Observatory (ABO), run by the Hellenic Ornithological Society / BirdLife Greece, is organizing a bird ringing campaign, supervised by the Hellenic Bird Ringing Center. We hereby invite you to participate in our bird ringing campaign (either as a ringer or a helper). Volunteer applications for the Autumn season of 2018 ( 1-30 September) have just started.

Volunteers will be mainly be involved in the bird ringing routines but also participate in other bird monitoring projects and habitat restoration activities, depending on their skills.

More information about ABO can be found at its web page
Applications can be submitted here
For further question please contact Christos Barboutis (cbarboutis[at]


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Volunteers will be mainly be involved in the bird ringing routines but also participate in other bird monitoring projects and habitat restoration activities, depending on their skills.

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