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Raptor and soaring bird count for 24/9/16. Autumn 2016 – Day 38.

Today we had really strong E to NE winds, up to 6-7bf throught the day. Slow raptor activity for us !

For more details see below :


Autumn 2016, day 21of bird ringing..

Strong winds meant that we could not open the nets today . We are hoping the next few days will be calmer so that we can resume ringing.

Raptor and soaring bird count for 23/9/16. Autumn 2016 – Day 36-37.

Today we had strong NE winds on the island and really few arrivals. For more info you can also see yesterday’s data here:


Autumn 2016, day 19 and 20 of bird ringing.

Not only  we have no electricity, but it also rained heavily, so we were only able to do two net rounds.

More details:

Raptor and soaring bird count for 20/9/16. Autumn 2016 – Day 35.

Really windy day with west winds (up to 6 brf) throughout the day. Although we had really good visibility we had few arrival. More info see below :

Autumn 2016, day 18 of bird ringing.

Today has been sunny and though we didn’t have too busy a day at the nets, we did have a nice variety of species. A good day all in all.

Raptor and soaring bird count for 20/9/16. Autumn 2016 – Day 34.

It was a windy day  today at the raptor point, not many migration today , nevertheless we had some raptors crossing the island.

More details:

Autumn 2016, day 17of bird ringing.

The island was finally visited by much-needed rain, which meant, however, that we weren’t able to do all the net rounds. We have some activity though.


Sylvia borin

Raptor and soaring bird count for 19/9/16. Autumn 2016 – Day 33.

Today the weather conditions changed drastically throughout the day. Mainly west to northwest winds and really good visibility (63km) late in the evening. For more info see here :

Black kite (Milvus migrans)






Autumn 2016, day 16 of bird ringing.

A slow day again, cloudy and windy, with few birds on both the constant and opportunistic sites.r more info see below.