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arrival to vrittá

Hello! I’m Pili, I’m from Córdoba and I’m 27 years old. I arrived here three weeks ago with my two Spanish partners and from this moment I’ve tried to know the greek culture and the food. For the moment everybody has been very nice with us and I hope to meet new friends little by […]

Always something new in the Wetland

The nature is turning mad ! After the changes of colors for some species to adapt for the winter one month ago, I notice this week that the Podiceps Cristatus started to change his white dress for a brown one. In no time, it will put his orange and funny hat for the seduction period. […]

Changing of season

Changing of season. This week during the bird monitoring we notice the first winter changing… We found a new specie, that comes here for the cold days, it’s the Podiceps Nigricollis. A small duck, very similar in the behaviour than the Tachybaptus ruficollis (that is very common here). It can dive for a very long […]

Trip to Dadia and Evros Delta

This week me and Salomè we went for some days in the eastern part of Greece, to visit our friends volunteers in the WWF project for the protection of birds in the Dadia forest. It’s been a fantastic occasion to do some bird-watching outside the wetland! We didn’t actually go for it in the Dadia […]

Birds in the wetland of Agras

The other day I had to do “birdmonitoring” alone. Normally it is not like this and it is good to do accompanied. Other people may see or hear something that you don’t see or hear in that moment. And of course, it is more pleasant. By other side because of you don’t talk with anybody […]


Hi, my name is Mari and I’m a new volunteer of the HOS project at the Agras-Vryta-Nisi Wetland. I arrived from Italy one week ago as part of the Let’s be Amicus EU project and I’ll be staying in this lovely corner of Greece for the next four months. The first eight days of my […]

The new marsh nightmare

Since one month, one Larus cachinnans michahellis is prowling in the wetland, searching for food. Obviously it doesn’t hesitate to kill and eat our dear numerous Fulica atra. We assisted in live to the meal of this gull, watching it in the telescope. Now, as soon as it’s approaching the lake, every bird doesn’t dare […]


We had counted 4100 Fulica atra for all the wetland. Normaly they are resting in channels and we can’t count all them but on wednesday 5 november, they were all visible in theatre or taverna.

Last news

The weather is bad since ten days, it’s cold, no sun, except wednesday was a nice day ! Big sun, no cloud. Every wednesday we do birdcounting and on the 12th november we saw 3 news species : Turdus iliacus, Turdus viscivorus in Spring, and Larus cachinnans in Taverna, so glad. Let’s continue…

BirdsMonitoring 09-09-08

Hi, Today was devoted to do a bird monitoring. So departure at 6h45 for 6 observations points throught the wetland: marmera, springs, theatre, railroadbride, infocenter and taverna. We stay minimum 30 min at each point for counting all the birds witch we can see. We connect the points in the bicycle, for one duration of […]