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trip to kerkini

Gia sas This weekend, Polo, Olivier (a French friend of Polo) and me (Jo), we have gone to Kerkini’s lake, next to Bulgaria, at 4 hours on train from Edessa. The weather was not really with us but we have spent a nice week end. We have seen 52 species of birds (not a lot […]

Volunteers’ visit

Waow ! Hey everybody ! On the move again ? Yeaaaaaah, excellent ! One week ago we had the pleasure to host 7 volunteers from all over Greece : 2 French girls from Crete, 3 Serbian and a French from Larissa, a Lettonian girl from Thessaloniki. This week-end was great, full of crazyness and tenderness. […]

Migration and news species

News species…. Gia sas Time of migration has arrived, it’s not already the best but we can see some changes among our friends the birds. So, all the Ixobrynchus minutus have left as well as the Oriolus oriolus and the Merops apiaster. The swallows are less and less here and we can see some news […]

Illegal hunting

Since one month we are in alert because of some shots in the wetland, at different moments of the day. The hunting is forbidden inside the wetland, the road being the boarder. The 27 of September during the bird monitoring, at Railroad Bridge, two guys had been seen on boat with rifle. A few minutes […]

BirdsMonitoring 09-09-08

Hi, Today was devoted to do a bird monitoring. So departure at 6h45 for 6 observations points throught the wetland: marmera, springs, theatre, railroadbride, infocenter and taverna. We stay minimum 30 min at each point for counting all the birds witch we can see. We connect the points in the bicycle, for one duration of […]

The project on images

Ti kanis ? It’s again Jo, I put there some pictures to allow you to discover more the place, the volunteers and have a better vision on this project…. Back from the open air market of Edessa

Pictures of birds

Gia sas!! I’m JO, one of the three French volonteers working on the wetland of Agras Vrita Nisi. I would like to show you some pictures of birds that I have taken in the wetland. I took these pictures with the technic call “digiscopie” with a telescope Kite Sp-ed 80 30X and a camera coolpix5100. […]


Λιγες φωτογραφιες απο πουλια A few birds pictures

Life in Vrita

At the beginning of this August month, some great events happened again in Vrita. Here and now is the peaches season. There is a lot of fruits everywhere around and the people from the village offers some to us regularly. That’s really welcome because it’s still very hot down there and we need energy to […]


Here is a short introduction about some important birds seen on the Agras wetland on the beginning of August 2008. Do notice the discovery of Porzana parva, observed a few times from the Agios Iorgos observatory, feeding on some emerged algae zones. Several sights of Nyticorax nyticorax have been caught by morning and evening on […]