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Archive for October, 2008

new specie for the wetland

hi, the 15 of October, for the first time, we have see Aquila clanga fly in the wetland. This specie was already see in the mountain around the wetland but never in the wetland! Very nice…

EuroBirdwatch in the wetland of Agras – Vritta – Nisi

Sunday 5th of October we had the feast of EuroBirdwatch in the Information Center of the wetland Agras – Vrita – Nisi that was organized by H.O.S. People from all the ages from Edessa and other cities had the opportunity to monitor rare species of birds as Aythya nyroca with binoculars and telescopes and to […]

birds pictures continuation

Gia sas So, that is the continuation of my bird’s pictures take in the wetland always with digiscopie system (Kite sp ed 80 and coolpix p5100) There is too a picture of one place where I am hid for take this picture next to the channel.

Euro bird day

gia sas! This weekend it was the European bird day; a lot of European ornithological associations have organized events to inform the general public. So, Sunday, in the info center, H.O.S with Irini, Sofia, Alexandra, Polo and me (Jo), we have welcomed a public quite numerous, and they have been able to discover by games […]

Reeds Screen

Since 3 months, a splendid reeds screen manufactured by us, was waiting in the garden of our house. Today we have finally put it next to the observatory of Agios Giorgos. Now, We can go in the observatory without making leaving all the bird when we arrive….ouf!…. This thing finally done is good for tomorrow […]