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I would like to present our hens to you, they are three now and sometime we have a lot of eggs… its perfect. We give us corn who attrack different birds in the garden, it s nice! Souflaki rest in peace

snow in the montain

hello, since one week there is snow around Vrita, at 700-800 meters of altitude, but we could not see because there was a lot of fog. Today the weather is really better, and we see the snow…..


We had counted 4100 Fulica atra for all the wetland. Normaly they are resting in channels and we can’t count all them but on wednesday 5 november, they were all visible in theatre or taverna.

Last news

The weather is bad since ten days, it’s cold, no sun, except wednesday was a nice day ! Big sun, no cloud. Every wednesday we do birdcounting and on the 12th november we saw 3 news species : Turdus iliacus, Turdus viscivorus in Spring, and Larus cachinnans in Taverna, so glad. Let’s continue…

number of species: 158

During this project we discover some news species of birds which were not on the list “LIFE” realized for the project Natura 2000. Since the beginning we has discovered 58 species in more, so now the number of species is: 158. The wetland is not really big, it’s correct number!….. This list is not finish […]

News species: one “little” and one “big”

yassas Two news species are been discovery the last week in the wetland, the first one is “Prunella modularis” during the monitoring of the path, the second one is….. “Ursus arctos” so a bear! discovery by my family on holidays in Greece. They slept next to the wetland in their van, and when they come […]