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Snow in VRITTA

Christmas in VRITTA


We are so sad…

Jo, professional birdwatcher, is the first volunteer to leave VRITTA. We miss already his directness, reliability, friendlyness, humor, his music, his telescope, his “clic-clic” to count birds… We also miss his food, but at least now we can cook with salt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had a nice Goodbye-party with many other volunteers and local people. AU […]

New volunteer

A new volunteer joined us for Christmas. She’s very kind, cute, and everybody loves her. She likes to eat and play a lot. But she doesn’t speak – we don’t know why. Her name is Bella because she is really bellissima. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to educate her. Each volunteer speaks to her in […]

We need help !

Two volunteers from the Gialova chameleon project joined us during the whole December. Apparently, Leila from Portugal and Daniel from Norway wanted to have a break from the heat in the South of Greece. They were lucky, because the weather here was really bad and quite cold. They gave us company during our hard and […]

New board

Two professional handymen from France came to Vritta by bird migration to fix a beautiful board at the entrance of the house. In 10 seconds, it was finished – a la francaise. This board informs about the volunteers who work for HOS, municipality of EDESSA. “Management of a NATURA 2000 site, protection of endangered species […]

The new marsh nightmare

Since one month, one Larus cachinnans michahellis is prowling in the wetland, searching for food. Obviously it doesn’t hesitate to kill and eat our dear numerous Fulica atra. We assisted in live to the meal of this gull, watching it in the telescope. Now, as soon as it’s approaching the lake, every bird doesn’t dare […]

real proof of otter presence…

There are 2 weeks ago, I have discovery next to Agios Giorgios a path and index of presence of otter! I have found a remain meal (fish). JO

new camera…news pictures….

hello, since 2 week, I have buy a new camera: canon 450D and 100-400 IS usm canon. So, now it’s not the same game that “digiscopie”!! it’s more difficult for see the bird closed but the results are so better…. JO

news volunteers

since one week, two volunteer from Gialova a other project in the south of Greece about Chameleon and birdmonitoring, are in our house. For december, they stay in Vrita and help us for this cold but sunny month…. There are Leila from Portugal and Daniel from Norway, they are really happy to be here… And […]