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Archive for January, 2009

promotion of the wetland on SKAI television

today 21 Junary  we had the opportunity to speak about the wetland and its value to the tv program called GYRISMATA of SKAI television. Unfortunately we didnt have a lot of time to mention all the things we want to say but we speak for the history, the birds species, the problems we face up […]

Greetings from TOM

My name is Tom, I’m French and I’m a new volunteer in Vrita. I just arrived one week ago and (for the moment?!) I can say that it’s a real pleasure to be here. The first days were a little bit difficult for me, but just because I was ill, a French virus I think? […]

new volunteer in the wetland…

After two weeks of a break at last we have a new volunteer…his name is Tomas and he is from France… He came 7 of January and i think he already like the wetland and the of his first activitys was to explore the wetland and participate to the bird monitoring for the midwinter […]