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Archive for February, 2009

Message for Andreas

Hi Andreas! How are you? Thank your very much for your message! I was happy to read it. Yeah it was good to see you and talk a little, there are not a lot of people coming in the tourist information office for the moment, so we felt less alone! I hope that informations and […]

Hello from new volunteers!

Yassas! Thanks for messages left on the blog, we were happy to read it. Here all is alright. Im here since already one month and my opinion about Greece didn’t change. Always happy to be here in this beautiful natural area, to work as volunteer for the preservation of wetland, and to meet Greek people […]

Even the best ones must leave…

Beginning by this title the ones who know me can guess that this pride is coming from nobody else than Jonatharzan. Tchou tchou !!! So yeah, my time has come, “my” house has been invaded by new volunteers storing the flour with the sugar (Jo and Polo already know that, as a good maniac, I […]


Hi ! I’m Nicolas (aka Nikos!) from Belgium. I’m a fresh volunteer in Vrita village, just arrived 3 days ago but already enjoy a lot! I live with 2 others volunteers, Tom and Isabella, who are very cool. We already made birds monitoring in wetland area, very interesting and beautiful landscape! Today I followed my first […]


Ciao Ya su! Ime i Isa ke ime apo tin Italia: a part of my first greek lesson… 😉 Well, I love nature and animals and I`m so glad to be here in this wonderful place. The landscape is terrific and the village is very little but empty of willing people. I have joined Tom […]