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For Tom’s happiness

A wonderful dumpy Myocastor coypus. Is

Edessaiko Carnavali

Wilmas and Freds Flinstones left. Wigs in the wardrobe. You can find confetti in some living room’s corners or in the bathroom, and 4 litres of the cheapest greek wine in our kitchen. The Edessa’s parade: crowded, hot, swinging, funny, colourful. In the Flinstones club there were some infiltrators from Thessaloniki and Dadia: a pinky […]

Spring is coming

Winter will be finished soon. After 2 months we were watching always the same species of water birds, we have seen yesterday (March 13th) two new species: – Garganey (Anas querquedula) – Green sandpiper (Tringa ochropus)   I think that spring will be very interesting… Probably sometimes it will be more difficult for species determination! […]

Schools for wetland day

Friday February 13th, children of the schools of Agras, Vritta and Nisi came in the Tourist Information Center. Sofia and Irini informed them about the importance of the wetland and biodiversity, using games and constructing interesting discussion with them. Children also have watched birds with telescopes and binoculars. I think they really liked it. Isabella, […]