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Louloudia ke petaloudia sta Vritta



With Nick Grigoriadis (Forest Research Institute) and Pavlos, the GPS specialist, we collect data in order to understand the evolution of orchids population in Agras wetland. The work consist in counting orchids in several squares (20mx20m). Tom

Family from Wales

A nice family from Wales stayed in Vritta during one month. Ross and Frances and their two children, Francesca and Theo. Ross works in wales for the Royal Society for Protection of Birds (RSPB). He was there for a sabatical work in Agras Wetland, in order to ameliorate the wetland management. So thank you to […]


When you are volunteer in Greece, you can have also the chance to see interesting things…


23th of April was the celebration day of Giorgios. So a party was organised at Agios Giorgos church. Almost all the village was there. Children of Vritta dance traditional greek dance. And of course there was a lot of meat and Tsipuro (Thank you Psilé). Tom

Bird race

The famous Agraki Team joined the Bird Race. It consisted seeing more species as you could in six different spots. It was amazing to see different species of birds and a lot of wonderful places around our wetland. We didn’t win and probably I know why…

Festival in Edessa

We organized an exhibition day in Edessa where children could build swallow’s nests. It was a good way to make the children’s bird interest grown up. It was so amazing building nest with clay in a sunny day in the peaceful Edessa’s park. T & I


We have started two new botanic works. We have to check and to count the orchids in the wet meadows and to find out the limit of the different habitats in the wetland’s periphery to update the habitats’ map. Tom ke Is


Quand nous chanterons le temps des cerises… et gais rossignols et merles moqueurs seront tous en fete. It’s amazing biking out when the cherry trees are full of white flowers. You can see a lot of huge lazy turtles and tiny ones; the smiling snakes that fight to the brave lizards; a colorful flock of […]