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Archive for July, 2009

Ta leme

I’m leaving with an insistent nostalgic memory. Is

Vlasti Earth Festival

We went to Vlasti, to the Earth Festival. We had a kiosk to inform and to sell some gadgets. It has been very nice. The village is surrounded by beautiful mountains, the camping was full of relaxing places and music, music everywhere. Is

A special au revoir

Tsouvitt tsouvitt…Once upon a time the tall French volunteer build a pretty wooden home for the little birds. The birds wondered what it was, they flew around our house, they rested on the cables watching at the wooden home, but none of them went in. 4 months later: the tall volunteer’s departure day. The tall […]

Cherry Festival

  We joined the Cherry Festival in Agras. We had a kiosk to inform about H.O.S and the wetland, and to sell some gadgets. Is