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From the sea to the mountain

Hello I m Tom, I was 5 mouth in Gialova in Peloponese and I m in Vritta since 3 weeks. I was swimming in in the sea and 2 day after I can see the snow at the top of the mountains. My clothes are not adapted for this weather, it s funny.The place here […]


Last Saturday, the 21st of November, our house hosted a great party with more or less 70 people! We decided to make an international dinner, with typical food of France, Spain, Germany and Italy. In addition, every person invited brought something home-cooked, especially Greek food! Everybody of us undertook to cook very nice dishes, spending […]


Lau hilabete Gilaovan igaro ondoren ailegatu gara Tom ta ni Vrittara! Itsaso ta eguzkitik, mendi eta edurretara! Guztiz desberdina baia oso polite be! Gialova itzela izan da, jende jator ugari ezagutu eta oso proiektu interesgarriaren parte izan gara, asko disfrute dogu bertan ta azkenengo hilabete hau be Grezian espero antzerako izatea. Hemen tope dogu hezegune […]

Wetland of Agras

The wetland of Agras is a valuable ecosystem in which it is possible to find diffent habitats that house a very wide diversity of fishes, anphibians, reptils, mammals and especially birds. Reedbeds form the predominant wetland habitat type. Here, waterbirds are abundant and some of them with a special conservation value such as Anythya nyroca […]

This is Vritta…

Welcome to Vritta! In this post I’ll present the beautiful village in witch we, now 5 volunteers, are living for some months! It is really quiet, there are just 500 people living in, and the “commercial activities” here are just 2 cafenios, bar in witch mostly men go (the people was shocked seeing 3 girls […]


Hey! I mentioned already earlier, that HOS gave me the opportunity of doing my own project in the environmental education sector: Here comes my update on my project. I started to invent games which are related to my work and the protection programme of the Agras-Nissi-Vrita wetland. These games will be for kids in the […]


Ya sas! Finally our Greek classes have been improved, thanks to the books that we received last week! We, volunteers, receive two hours of Greek class every week. This is, for us, a very important moment of the week, because it gives us the possibility to learn the unique language of communication with the people […]

Agras birds go to Thessaloniki

Greek Tourism exposition! Last weekend two of us volunteers had the great opportunity to take part in an exposition about the Greek Tourism in Thessaloniki! HOS was representing together with the Edessa stand our closest city and its nice surrounding areas, as the Agras-Nissi-Vrita wetland. We had the chance to meet many important people, supporters […]