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Archive for December, 2009

Agur Vritta!

It was a short time but a really nice one!! Now is time to come back home for Tom and me, six months in Greece and an incredible experience like EVS. Thanks to the people we met around the wetland of Vritta, we have a real chance to meet a little bite more the Macedonian […]

Gialova Project

   Tom and me, we arrived to Vritta from Gialova lagoon, in South Peloponnese. We worked there during all the summer with another two EVS (Isabella and Sam) and more than 20 volunteers along this 4 months. It was a great experience! Katapliktiko! Gialova is a Natura 2000 area and the southern most important migration […]

Trip to the mountains

Efjaristo Poli to Mister Pablos from the forest service of Edessa! Last Tuesday, first of December, we made a very interesting trip with him to the mountains around the wetland. He picked us up in Vritta and first of all we went near the mountain Vermio (1272 m). He explained us very dedicated the situation […]


 One of the most important activities in the wetland of Agras, where I am carrying on my EVS programme, is “birdmonitoring”. We go every week to watch and count how many birds species are in this protected area, how many individuals of every specie and where we can find them.   Although this area area […]