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Archive for January, 2010

Snow in Vrytta

Hello! Here in Vrytta some changes are going on.. Sab left last Friday to go to Germany.. her internship finished! From now on we will be only two in the house, me and Axel, but soon will arrive another Italian volunteer! Anyway, the winter finally arrived even here, and Vrytta is all covered by snow! […]

Last news from the wetland of Agras

The last days in Vritta and in the wetland have been characterized by the cold weather. Here, it has snowed several times. And we could see the whole area: the meadows, the cherry-gardens and the mountains surrounding this area in a singular way. Although for birds anything changed. When I do birdmonitoring I find the […]

Kαλή χρονιά!!!

Hello everybody! After more or less two weeks of travelling around, I’m now back to Vrittà. During my Christmas holidays, in fact, I went first to Athens, for some days, hosted in the house of another volunteer friend of mine. It was really nice; I was all the time with other volunteers living in Athens […]

happy new year!!!

Hello! I have to tell you, I had the pleasure to spend the New Years Eve in Edessa! Here I experienced the Greek way to celebrate into the next year. Well, it is different from Germany, but even here, where there are not so many fireworks and people on the street, it was really fun! […]