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Archive for March, 2010

Festivals and tsipouro

The last two weeks have been intense for the activities of environmental awareness for children. Spring is the time of the swallow nest festival. An event in which children and teenagers built a swallow nest modelling some clay. Through this activity the participants (not only children and teenagers but also and their parents or teachers) […]

Elisabeth new in Vryta

Hi! I am from Switzerland (city of Basel) and am studying environmental sciences in Zurich. At the moment I am here form my internship as part of my master studies. I wanted very much to come to Greece for my Internship thus I am also half Greek and was very happy when I got the […]

Birds in the wetland of Agras

The other day I had to do “birdmonitoring” alone. Normally it is not like this and it is good to do accompanied. Other people may see or hear something that you don’t see or hear in that moment. And of course, it is more pleasant. By other side because of you don’t talk with anybody […]

Xelidona at Nisi

On the 1st of March a festival performed by primary school children took place in the nearby village of Nisi. This yearly festival, known as the Xelidona, is carried out in the beginning of March to celebrate the change of seasons and welcome Spring. On this day, the children left the school accompanied by their […]

Salomé from France

Hello everybody! I arrived in Greece one week ago to start my EVS project on …birds of course. I come from Rennes, a city in Brittany (Bretagne), where I finished my studies. So, firstly, I’ll introduce myself quickly. I finished my master degree in Evolutionary Ecology last year and, because I was tired to work […]


Hi, my name is Mari and I’m a new volunteer of the HOS project at the Agras-Vryta-Nisi Wetland. I arrived from Italy one week ago as part of the Let’s be Amicus EU project and I’ll be staying in this lovely corner of Greece for the next four months. The first eight days of my […]

Mary from Athens

Hello, My name is Mary Samolada. I’m a Greek volunteer. I was born in Belgium, and since I was 13 years old I have been living in Athens. Next March I will become 47 years old. I have two daughters, and for most of my life I have been teaching French in the private sector. […]

Here, in Vritta

The last days here in Vritta were so weird. There were a lot of changes. At the beginning of February, one new volunteer came, Favio. He is from Italy and he is adapting to the life in the village. But, for sure, he won’t have any problem. And the last week, one volunteer from Athens, […]

Bye bye Ellada…

Hello! My project in Vrytta is already finished, and I’m really sad to leave this beautiful people and this place.. My last period in Greece was really full of events! From the seminar in Athens, then a trip to Peloponnese, and I enjoyed the last days in Vrytta. I want to say thanks to everybody, […]