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Archive for April, 2010

Reflections collecting garbage in the wetland

Today as soon as we opened the info center we started as usual with our first morning task: cleaning the rubbish that people passing by along the national road leave around our building (in the parking area or in the back yard, by the lake of the wetland). It is frustrating for all of us […]

New visitors in the area

As the cold season draws to an end, the beautiful (yet slightly cold) spring brings with it new visitors to the Agras-Vryta-Nisi Wetland, which offers an ideal breeding ground for many beautiful migratory birds. Following a great wave of expectation on my part came a feeling of happiness and satisfaction for having seen for the […]

The wetland is burning!!

In the afternoon of the 9.4.2010 our wetland burnt! In the region here they clean fields (also near to the reed beds) through fire. But this fire was most probable laid by purpose to clean the reed beds and gain new green grass for cow, sheep or goat cattle. We discovered the fire on our […]

Turtles and Lizards in Vryta

Hello everybody, As I promised, I’m going to speak about reptiles that I could meet around Vryta. Despite that I could observed some snakes, I’m not going to speak about them today (no picture, snif…). So, the next article will be dedicated only to grass snakes and vipers. Firstly, reptiles, like amphibians, are ectothermals animals […]

White Stork in Vrytta

Very short post to say just that the White Stork (Ciconia Ciconia ) has arrived in Vrytta! The first exemplary arrived here almost three weeks ago, and just after some days another one came, so now we have a couple! They live in a nest on top of a fake electricity pole, specially realized by […]

Pascha in Vrytta

The volunteers of the house and me we decided to spend our Easter holidays in Vrytta, to see how Pascha (Easter in Greek) is lived by the village people. For the Christian Orthodox of Greece Easter is the most important religion festivity. During this days all people (workers and students who live far from their […]

Amphibians’ Wetland

Sun, flowers, songs of birds; it’s the spring on Vryta, and it’s also the starting season for amphibians and reptiles! So, I have decided to write articles about these unknown species which are well represented in our favorite wetland. For this first, I’ll speak about the diversity, the life and roles of amphibians. So, Amphibians […]

Exploring the surroundings

Yesterday I had a very especial day in the surroundings of Edessa: now I can say that I have finally visited the Ancient City of Edessa. After a short, pleasant walk from the centre of modern Edessa, going downwards through narrow paths flanked by rocky walls and beautiful vegetation, I finally reached the archaeological site […]