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Archive for May, 2010

Black vulture in Dadiah

Black vulture in Dadiah After a short staying at the volunteers’ house in Dadiah, I have decided to write an article about a raptor species that I had never seen in the wild before, the Black vulture (Aegypius monachus). The Black vulture is one of the biggest bird species in Europe, with a wingspan of […]

Little Own (Athene noctua) in Vryta

As the shining sunrays gradually give way to the cool and pleasant nights of this period of year, the nocturnal birds become active and, for those which pass by or dwell within the area around the volunteers’ house in Vryta, can be clearly heard in the silent atmosphere (with the exception of some occasional strong […]

Expecting babies

So, it’s definitively confirmed… we’ll soon have new mates in the house: BELLA IS PREGNANT! After a lively heat period with dogs waiting for Bella in the front garden and trying to sneak inside her box, and her trying desperately to “escape” to join them now it’s the time for tranquility. Her belly is growing […]

The first chicks spotted in the Wetland

Last week Mariluce and I were bird monitoring alone and we saw chicks for the first time. Most of the mothers were hiding in the reeds with their kids and it was hard to spot them. Only a few were swimming in the open water. We saw one Swan (cygnus olor) family with five little […]

Breeding Season

Since some weeks now we observe only few birds during our weekly bird monitoring. Most birds hide in the reedbeds to build their nest and starting to breed. The breeding behavior differs a lot between the different species. The white stork (Ciconia ciconia) for example, the same couples meet every year at the same aerie. […]

Trip to Dadia and Evros Delta

This week me and Salomè we went for some days in the eastern part of Greece, to visit our friends volunteers in the WWF project for the protection of birds in the Dadia forest. It’s been a fantastic occasion to do some bird-watching outside the wetland! We didn’t actually go for it in the Dadia […]

Beginning of the Flowerfestival

Now the Flowerfestival started in Edessa. In the park near the waterfalls there are a lot of kiosks which sell flowers and cactuses. We also have a kiosk among them but of course don`t sell flowers. We give information about the wetland and our project and we also sell small things. The most popular are […]