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Archive for June, 2010

Orchid monitoring

This month we had twice a week a new task: Orchid monitoring inside the wetland. Mostly we went in the evening after five, when it was not so hot anymore, with Pavlos inside the wetland. Pavlos is from the forestry commission collecting the data with us for a friend Nikos who is responsible for the […]

The swans in the wetland

We have around twenty swans in the wetland. Most of the swans we spot them together in one of the lakes we can observe from theater. There is one swan we can nearly always spot him alone in springs. Although we have so many swans there are only three couples with chicks. One family is […]

Bella delivering babies 1

Bella’s belly in the past days was growing more and more huge, and this morning when we got up we had a beautiful surprise: she was delivering her babies! Peering out of the window we saw two little white puppies with pink nose: Bella was cleaning them while they were trying to reach her mammals […]

Activities in the primary school of Vrytta

Last week we went twice to the primary school of Vrytta to do some activities. The first time we created some ducks out of clay. The children had a lot of fun with this material and they eagerly formed the body, head, wings and beak. Some of them even draw some feathers and eyes with […]

Departure party Fabio

Hello Everybody, Today, I am going to speak about the departure party of Fabio. Firstly, I have to say you that we were in 10 days of holidays just before and that we came back the day before. Not very good organisation…But, so, we managed to have a very good moment. There were, of course, […]