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Archive for August, 2010

Good bye Vrytta and beloved wetland

Time is running so fast and already my last days begun here in the Information Centre, in Vrytta, in the wetland and with the volunteers. Well my project finishes the 1.9 but I have some holidays left so that’s why I already leave in one day. I will travel with Salomé that is very nice […]

Agras volunteers in River party: Great moment!

To finish the summer, I will speak about our last participation at a music festival, River party. This festival took place near to the village of Nestorios, close to the city of Kastoria, from the 28th of July to the 1st of august. This festival is one of the most famous in Greece and invited […]

Agras and Athens Seminar

After 8 hours of train we finally arrived Ramon and me in Athens to meet all the other volunteers in the seminar. We slept in the Titania Hotel, one of the biggest in Athens so we couldn’t complain…even for food and all, just perhaps too much in a time of crisis… Our trainers were very […]

Vlasty Festival: Great moment for “wetland” volunteers!

First of all, I am sorry to not giving news since long time. July was a busy month very interesting! We had two music festivals, Vlasty and River party. So, I will speak about the first one, Vlasty. This festival exists since a long time and has the particularity to combine music of the world […]

Bee-eaters in the wetland!

Since some weeks now we have the european bee-eaters in the wetland. First I didn`t noticed them easily, because they have a similar size to swallows and we always saw them flying up in the sky. Salomé then showed me their call and their shape so I could more easily recognize them. It may sound […]

My experience in Agras

Hi again. It have spended 20 days and I have done a lot of things.. I haven’t still any moment. I am here for this motive, for to make good use my time, counting other things, I want to do interested things. I was with Axelle, in Athens seminary. There met the others volunteers. They […]

My experience in Agras-Nisi-Vritta

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ramón. I am 23 years old. I am born in Menorca, but since I were 3 years old, I have lived in Mallorca. I am studying my third academic year in the University from Balearic Island (Spain). Always I have like me connect with the nature, go […]

Bird monitoring

After my nearly two weeks of holidays I went with Salomé again to bird monitoring on Wednesday. We start now quite early to avoid the heat and to observe the birds better. So we started shortly after 6 am. It was such a nice morning and we were really lucky to see so many birds […]