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Archive for November, 2010

Maintenance and so on…

First raining day since a long time… The perfect moment for me to talk to you about those last two weeks ! With the other volunteers we had the opportunity to completely clean our observatory point of Saint George Island. We spent a long time making it seems like it was new, and we succeed […]

Big Changes………from Gialova to Vrita

So…………after 4 months of my EVS being spent in Gialova I am now here in Vrita, a place of many contrasts but of equal beauty! The Gialova project was an amazing experience which gave me many great memories that i will never forget.  4 months spent camping near the beach, a sea to swim in […]

Walk in the Wetlands

Two new volunteers arrived at Vrita village some days ago and we went together to visit the wetlands near the springs, a beautiful place with a wooden bridge crossing the lake . The good and nice thing is that every time I told them that in this place we can see that kind of bird, […]

My first month !

I’m now well installed in my new life in Vryta. So much things happened that I realised today that’s it’s been a month I arrived in Greece ! Time pass so fast… And this last ten days I didn’t stop a second and discover so many things. I’ve been to Prespa (like every volunteers that […]