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After waiting so long I could finally see the snow covering our little village of Vrita!!! Beautiful moment, we wake up early Carine and me, at 5 o’clock in the morning, for our holidays, and we were surprised by the snow falling everywhere. It seems that it’s snowing in all Greece, even in Athens, where […]

New activities in Edessa !

New activities in Edessa ! This month Axelle and I had good times in Edessa. We met the director of the high-school of Edessa, and he invite us to assist to some lessons with the teenagers. So we accept the offer with enthusiasm ! Few days after we’ve been there and we join different classes […]

Changing of season

Changing of season. This week during the bird monitoring we notice the first winter changing… We found a new specie, that comes here for the cold days, it’s the Podiceps Nigricollis. A small duck, very similar in the behaviour than the Tachybaptus ruficollis (that is very common here). It can dive for a very long […]

Welcome to Vritta

Γειά σου, I am Juan Pedro Velasco and I am sure most of you can guess where I come from…Spain. I’m a new volunteer in wetland Agras-Vritta-Misi, although the last four months I have worked with Craig (the other new volunteer in Vrita) in Gialova lagoon. Within this lagoon Hellenic Ornithological Society works in the […]