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Archive for March, 2011

It’s spring!

Spring is coming! The sun is brighting up in the sky and the birds have started to build their nests. The couple of white storks have come back to our village and we’ve seen a new specie in the wetland, Anus querquedula, a really beatiful duck. In terms of traveling, appart of going to the […]

Visit to Dadia

From my arrival, I have visited some places and for this reason I’m happier. The last place has been Dadia, where we were hosted in the house of other volunteers that work with the WWF. Dadia is a beautiful natural park where we could see Haliaeetus albicilla and Aegypius monachus. I’ve never seen the white-tailed […]

Spring is coming

Hiiii!!!!! This mouth has started a bit strench, the weather has been very changing, one days cloudy, the next sunny, suddenly start to snow, snowing during two days, but more or less has been good and now the weather is very good, sunny a bit cold but sunny and one can feel that the spring […]

γειά σου

Hello again!!!! The last days of February has been very good, I was in the arrival seminary in Athens, and it was a wonderful opportunity for meet another volunteers and another new friends in Greece…Then the seminary was very good, and Athens had felt me different things, at the beginning was a chaotic city but […]