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April and Easter

  This month we’ve done more things appart from being in info centre. First of all, we planted some trees in the school of Vrittá; it was funny to see how all the children wanted to collaborate with Mr. Dimitris taking the spades to dig. Two days more, we were with this man in the […]

North of Greece

Hello as I told in the before post the spring was coming, so in this part of Greece the spring, or the weather in general, it’s a bit special..some days it’s very very hot and suddenly it’s very very cold…but I really mean a huge difference. The main thing of this mouth has been the […]

Good news!!

March was ending and we were in Ioannina, but the day back Antonio gave us the good news that our friends Tom and Geraldine were waiting for us at our home in Vrita and they stayed there a few days with us. Pili and I are happy because we‘re starting to write our own environmental […]


Long time ago I do not write on the blog, for many reasons, but now I‘ll tell you all the news. March was very fast between carnival and our visit to Aetos and Ioannina (by the way, thanks to our friends in Lefkada for hosting us), but this all has written Pili and I do not […]

About the wetland and my holidays

Nycticorax nycticorax is in our wetland! I saw one in the afternoon two days ago and today, while Antonio and me were doing the bird monitoring, we have seen four night herons flying in front of us! Anas querquedula continue here and now we are seeing more individuals of Aythya nyroca. I have to tell […]