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Hello again!!!

Hello follower of this wonderful wetland’s blog!!! I didn’t write before because I don’t have a lot of things to say, actually I can not say anything new about the wetland, just that finally the red beds are green, we haven’t few ducks, because they are in reproductive season, but it looks that the blog […]

june has started

May finished and June started so I’m eating a lot of cherries. In the begining I had to clean the info centre very well because one school came to visit our wetland. Two weeks ago, we were with Irine looking for the spots to do the bird monitoring with the GPS and I saw Lanius […]

Something more about my life here

Now I’m starting to miss Spain…Why? Because although the weather is good in the morning, in the afternoon, most of the time there are storms and always stat to rain. I like the sun and the hot of my city but it’s good to know other places so it’s happen nothing. I’m happy in any […]


This is my last post because I have to go home earlier than planned, I have to work there in July so that within a week I‘m going. I can not say I’m glad to go because the truth is that I want to go home and leave all this. Now I will tell you […]

Come back!

I returned from vacation and the fact that Greece is awesome, where you have different landscapes. And finally, I enjoyed the beaches! The work here as usual, we spent a week in Athens at the seminar that we lacked in our volunteers has been good to see again all volunteers. We last few days working […]


The end of May I took it on vacation and have been traveling around Greece, so not much I can tell you about working in the wetland. I will tell you more when I get back because this is not a blog to talk about our trip. See you soon! Vacaciones!! El final de mayo […]


Hi everyone! Last April, I had to go to Spain a few days but now I‘m already back in town. This month has somewhat changed the scheme of work because there is an exhibition of pictures of birds of Taiwan in Edessa, so now we have divided our time between the info-center and exposure. At […]