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European Midwinter Birdmonitoring in Agras-Vrita-Nisi wetland

Last week we had an opportunity to participate on the European Midwinter Bird Monitoring. In Tuesday we were in two points for do the bird monitoring. “Taverna” and “Theater”. In this lasts places we saw a lot of birds. In Wednesday we had three places for do the bird monitoring: “Springs”, “Marmara” and “Info Center”. […]

Hello from :) Agras-Vrita-Nisi Wetland

My name is ali akçelik 25 years old and ı studied economics. On 5 January 2012 I came to Greece for 6 months for  EVS. Aircraft landed after 13 hours. After a long and cold journey, we reached to Edessa. When We reach the bus, we meet Eirini and we went by taxi to the Vrita village. When we came here we saw […]

Eren in Agras-Vrita-Nisi Wetland

Hello, my name is Eren UZUN. I’m 24 years old… I’m from Istanbul and studied a Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in İstanbul.Now, I’m a volunteer in Agras-Vrita-Nisi wetland project. A beautiful journey from Istanbul. After an 8 hour bus ride and EDESSA CITY. In fact, we will spend 6 months here came. The first […]


AGRAS – VRITA – NISI PROJECT VOLUNTEERS: COME AND BACK ON THE PELOPONESE. During the Christmas holyday, Eno and I had twelve days of vacations. During this period, we went for two days in Athens (again by bus … During 8 hours) for meet two friends and stay in their flat. We gone with the […]

Agras-Vrita-Nisi wetland volunteer Christmas holiday.

In 22 of December me and Pierre went to spend our Christmas in Korinthos with other volunteers. It was great there because we meet people who we have last seen from the on-arrival seminar. And we had a lot of fun. Also we had the chance to visit Xilocastro for few days and it was […]