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Carnaval of Edessa

We knew that Edessa have big carnaval at 25 February. My greek friends sait me that this carnaval will be very good. We have seen preparations of carnival 10 days ago. We wake up early on carnaval day. Eirini come for take us. After breakfast we started go to Edessa. Our frien Sufi (She’s came […]

Good people, Good Seminer, in Athens…

Eirini give information before about Seminar that we will go in Athens. And finally The seminar day come on 13 February we wake up early. After one short prepation, we went to Edessa by taxi. Eirini met us there. With her we buyied ticket  for 08.00 o’clock bus. We came to Athens bus station after […]

AGRAS – VRITA – NISI PROJECT: The mid term seminar

The seminar started from Friday evening until 24 February to Tuesday 28. This time we were more peoples: 45 volunteers. It happened in another 5-star hotel between the train station and Omonia. The rooms were large and comfortable but we had a small selection for the food than the first hotel. Friday night was fairly […]

EVS Midterm seminary

After our trip in Kalamata me and Pierre had our Midterm seminary in Athens for five days. This time there participated 45 volunteers of all over the Greece. It was great to see again the volunteers from the first seminary who I havent seen a long time and also I met a lot of new […]

Travel to South of Greece

When in Vrita there was a lot of snow our internet stopped working and it was impossible to go to birdmonitoring becouse of the cold and our coordinator couldnt come to the village with her car. So we couldnt do any work and me and Pierre decided to go for a travel in the south […]

Winter in Vrita

Few weeks back there was -8 °C of cold and a lot of snow. It was so cold that working outside was almost impossible. Vrita was like an isolated island with no way out. Becouse if there is snow and ice on the roads its almost impossible to drive with a car which isnt a […]

Garbage Soldiers

Hi all, An activity in a very cold day … “Garbage Soldiers” 5 people cleaning garbage from the roadside Vrita to the birdmonıtoring place Theater. Very nasty way to get for the road a better look. We walked and the same time put the garbage in the plastic bags. It was unbelievable what we found: […]

On-Arrival Seminar in Athens

A beginning of a week-long training. I had a little expectation what I will meet with. In Turkey whereas I was taught enough due to my trainings so far, I knew that I would not be able to get more than of that yet, the friends I have met and the time I have spent […]

Carnaval in Edessa City

It was clear that we would have a good day. It was the Carnaval  day in Edessa. We had no idea about what to do that day. However, i tought that its gonna be a party with the same clothes. I didn’t know there would be a street parade. Sufi  ( She is president of […]