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Archive for April, 2012

AGRAS – VRITA – NISI PROJECT: Festival in Edessa

March 27, we had a festival in Edessa. We sat in the park near the waterfalls around 10 00. First we hung panels installed and the information booth to sell products from the information center. I was the person who was in charge of the stand. I was with Ali Eren and Irini. The objective […]


The visit of my cousins Friday, March 30, two of my cousins ​​came to visit me in Greece. Their plane arrived at 1:45 in the morning in Thessaloniki and we had no place to sleep that night, we went out in the center of the city. In the morning we took a bus to Volos. […]

Activity with children called Unstructured Areas

In 03.4.12 We were in Edessa for an activity with children called «Unstructured Areas». First we shared the childrens in different groups by giving them cards which had written on different bird names and their calls. They had to find eachother by making these bird voices- it was so funny to see them running around […]

Welcome in the Wetland

Hi every body ! I’m Lucile, I’m 24 years old. I studied in communication and management. Caroline and me are in little village who call Vrita in Greek Macedonia. We can discover the real Greek life here. I think I take the Greek rhythm because I sleep a looooot. Wednesday have been a great day for […]

First step in Vritta

Hi everybody ! I’m Caroline. I come from the South-West of France. I am 27 years old and I studied Geography and Environment. I arrived in Athens at April the 1st . There, I met Lucile, another French volunteer like me. Together we stayed one night in Athens. Then we taked a bus to Edessa, […]