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One summer in Greece !

One summer in Greece ! My last blog was about the departure of the boys. Since then, a lot of things have happened. It was a sunny, hot summer, full of new acquaintances and travels ! “Pame kalokairi” First we had our second seminar, at the end of July. It was still in Athens in […]

Welcome to Vryta!

Welcome to Vryta! I’m Mari-Liis and I am from Estonia. I am new EVS volunteer in Agra-Vryta wetland project. I started my EVS already in June in Gialova lagoon project. This is also HOS project. And there we had work with bird monitoring, public awareness and Chameleon protection. Gialova is in South-Greece. In Gialova I […]

Departure Lucile

Departure Lucile Hi everybody! Today I’m doing my last day in Vrita, Edessa and… Greece. Tomorrow I come back to France, and I feel very good because I had passed a very good time in Greece and I have lot of project in France! So lot of good energy. I would like to say thank […]

Last days in Vritta and going back to Turkey

Last days in Vritta and going back to Turkey When days was going I started to fell sad. Because leaving time was coming. Firstly On 7 june Eno, Pierre and eren left. Before We made farewell party for them. Their leaving was sad.  After them I Stayed Lucille and Caroline. We live one month. Together […]

By-Bye Vryta!

By-Bye Vryta! After 6 months in the small village of Vryta (and in all around the Greece and more in fact), it’s the time to leave! This EVS was a great experience I never forgot. Now I am in France and I really understand that. I have too lot of good memories from there! It’s […]

Good time in Greece

I have been now in Estonia since june and I’m adapting slowly. It’s weird that when I came out from the plane i had this feeling that I have been there only one day- 6 months went so fast like a blink of an eye . I had really good time in Greece- I met […]

goodbye to everyone

Herkese şimdiden güle güle demek istiyorum. Son 5 ayımı burada geçirdim ve gerçekten çok güzel bir zamandı. Çok güzel deneyimlerim oldu ve birçok yeni arkadaş edindim. Yunanistan’da geçirdiğim bu zamanları asla unutmayacağım. Beni tanıyan ve burada bana yardımcı olan herkese çok çok teşekkür ediyorum. Unutmayın her zaman bir gönüllü arkadaşınız Istanbul’da yaşıyor. Umud ediyorum ki […]