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Volunteers’ visit

Waow ! Hey everybody ! On the move again ? Yeaaaaaah, excellent !

One week ago we had the pleasure to host 7 volunteers from all over Greece : 2 French girls from Crete, 3 Serbian and a French from Larissa, a Lettonian girl from Thessaloniki.

This week-end was great, full of crazyness and tenderness. The first evening we danced and played so much in the house. The second evening we’ve been to the village’s bar own by Christos, our Greek friend. And between the evenings the volunteers were able to discover the wetland, from the springs to the info-center passing by the “path”.

So, after a friendly week-end like that, we were on the mood again to work ! Mmh… I mean they were in the mood again to work because me (Jonatharzan), I had to come back to France to achieve my last exam ! After this one : FREEDOM !

So I’m writing from France to wish you Happy Bird Watching and I’m looking forward to get back soon in Greece. I’m here since 3 days and I already miss Greece and the Agras lake so much !

OK, I ate already plenty of French stincky cheese and that’s really great, but Greece compared to French cheese, Greece win, whatever happens !

So, after a few 1900 kms by hitch-hiking, I’ll be back !!!

Taleme Kardakia mou !