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Life in Vrita

At the beginning of this August month, some great events happened again in Vrita.

Here and now is the peaches season. There is a lot of fruits everywhere around and the people from the village offers some to us regularly. That’s really welcome because it’s still very hot down there and we need energy to work, observe, count, cut, speak Greek, dance…..

About the last verb, a traditional festival took place in the cute village of Kerasia this week-end (10 km of Vrita) and allowed us to review our Greek dancing repertoire!

We have new friends at home! Mouskouri, Saganaki, Souflaki et Kokota! These 4 Greek hens have been kindly given to us by a friends of Christos, the bar owner of the village and our colleague. We had built the day before a magnificent hen house made with meticulousness and discarded material.

2 volunteers’ families (Mine and the Jonathan’s one) came also to discover this wonderful area. They have been introduce to the Greek hospitality, the food and the tsipouro…

To follow….