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EuroBirdwatch in the wetland of Agras – Vritta – Nisi

Sunday 5th of October we had the feast of EuroBirdwatch in the Information Center of the wetland Agras – Vrita – Nisi that was organized by H.O.S.

People from all the ages from Edessa and other cities had the opportunity to monitor rare species of birds as Aythya nyroca with binoculars and telescopes and to be informed about the wetland and its values.

For the children that came to the feast there were activities with drawings, games, contests and they took books to meet the birds of Greece.

In the feast participated also the volunteers from France that offer in the wetland with the EVS program, in corporation with the municipality of Edessa, and members of H.O.S from Thessaloniki and Cyprus.

The choice of the wetland to be one of the areas to celebrate the EuroBirdwatch show how important it is for Greece and Europe and the obligation that we all have for its protection.