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Departure Lucile

Departure Lucile

Hi everybody! Today I’m doing my last day in Vrita, Edessa and… Greece. Tomorrow I come back to France, and I feel very good because I had passed a very good time in Greece and I have lot of project in France! So lot of good energy.

I would like to say thank you for every people I met in Greece… And the list is long and I said lot of time thanksssss. But I want to say hello and efrahisto PARA POLI to MY (mine mine) Roomate; Carolina ! She knows what I thinks off her but I’m sure, without her, this project wouldn’t be the same ….and so good! And Eirini because she was present every time with discretion ! That is important too! After I want to come back to come for the wedding of Vaggelis and Chrisenthème (write in French because I can’t pronounce her name… sorry Chris!) So Thank you Vaggelis for your kindness! I would like to see one time again christos and Christos (who is who??? J ) mr Dimitri, and the Macedonian family, Chostas, Maria and Petros. Thanks to miss Katerina for each days and moments I pass with her, Like my second god mother (And You look like my real, amazing)! I would like to see again the team of Kerkini lake !

I have a special thing for Aldi, because is a good guy and I hope, I could make good things to change and evolve his life like he want !

I have clean every thing in the house… I’m little sad because this house was really good! Space, good rooms… But I say good luck to Caroline, Vanessa and Maryliss for the beginning of winter ! HAHAHAHA 😉

I have learn lot of thing of bird’s life and this is really important for me, because it’s one things I would like to do! I will continue in France! Sure! Thank you Eirini!

During this EVS I met very good people but, we can’t hide that, greek people are not happy and they begin to be more close… Please trust in yourself and keep hope! You have a beautiful country and you are good people! Thank you for everything!

Globally really good so! Just I missed the sea! 😉 But the mountains are so beautiful! Huhu 

Bye every body and if you can come in north of Greece come to Edessa … and Vrita!

Lucile, one of the frencheees volunteer