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BirdsMonitoring 09-09-08


Today was devoted to do a bird monitoring.

So departure at 6h45 for 6 observations points throught the wetland: marmera, springs, theatre, railroadbride, infocenter and taverna.

We stay minimum 30 min at each point for counting all the birds witch we can see.

We connect the points in the bicycle, for one duration of 6-7 hours.

Each point is different, this morning we have see 3526 individuals for 32 different species.

Has to note: 2694 fulica atra on all the zone and 36 Aythya nyroca with 5 juveniles, 2 Parus lugubris and 2 Rallus aquaticus feeding at spring, NICE!!.

Many species are left to migrate and we wait the new arrivals impatiently!!

Sorry for my English……


Pamé sta paratirissi poulion


Map of the observatory point

Map of the observatory point