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Bye bye Ellada…


My project in Vrytta is already finished, and I’m really sad to leave this beautiful people and this place..

My last period in Greece was really full of events! From the seminar in Athens, then a trip to Peloponnese, and I enjoyed the last days in Vrytta. I want to say thanks to everybody, every single person that in this village, and in general in this region of Greece, was so nice with me during these months.

During my last night in Vrytta I had even a great party in cafenio! And this was the best way to leave Greece..drinking Amstel!

Thanks even to my flatmade Axel, that tought me lots of things about brids! One night we even did the listening of the nocturnal raptor birds, and was really exciting!

So, I hope I will have the possibility to come back soon to this beautiful country!