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Here is a short introduction about some important birds seen on the Agras wetland on the beginning of August 2008.

Do notice the discovery of Porzana parva, observed a few times from the Agios Iorgos observatory, feeding on some emerged algae zones. Several sights of Nyticorax nyticorax have been caught by morning and evening on the wetland lakes, as well as some Ardeola ralloides and always a lot of Ixobrynchus munutus around the marshes.

About passerine, let’s notice Phyloscopus sibilatrix, Hippolais pallida and a few times Sitta neumayer at the quarry point, without to forget Parus lugubris on the Agios Iorgios peninsula.

We have also observed the formation of huge Merops apiaster groups, accompanied by Hirundo rustica, Hirundo daurica and Delichon urbica groups gathering in the sky before the migration to Africa by thousands of individuals.

To finish let’s speak about the birds of prey; Circus aeruginosus has been seen flying above the wetland, as well as the 3 Accipiter: brevipes, gentillis and nisus. Some Pernus apivorus are also turning around.

Out of the wetland but still interesting, several Eremophila penicillata and alpestris have been watched on the Kaimaktsalan, in the Voras mountain range, 30km from Vrita, at 2000 meters high, where we climbed by bike…