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Illegal hunting

Since one month we are in alert because of some shots in the wetland, at different moments of the day.

The hunting is forbidden inside the wetland, the road being the boarder.

The 27 of September during the bird monitoring, at Railroad Bridge, two guys had been seen on boat with rifle. A few minutes after, two shots were heard in the middle of the wetland….

The forest keepers had been called and an action for catch these poachers is engaged.

The forest keepers found the hunter’s pickup and waited their return to have proofs.

But when they came back, they saw the keepers before to put their feet on the ground and flew back in the wetland.

Fortunately Irini Skouli, the responsible of the wetland, had the time to take two pictures where we can see 2 dead birds in the boat and the rifle.

After that, a complaint has been sent at Edessa’s police and we are waiting the verdict…