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A new hope for a common futur

Γ εια σας !

After ten days, Caroline and me come back to Vrita. We were at our arrival seminary (cf caroline’s article) then, without stop, we took the bus to F.Y.R.O.M. Three weeks ago, we hosted four young macedonian people, Christian, Maya and Maya and Ognen in Edessa because they did an youth exchange support by UNESCO. Some macedonian people gone to few city in the north of Greece (Thessaloniki, Florina, Edessa) and some greek people in Macedonian (Ohrid, Skopia). This project it’s not just vacation but really a work team who try to make in chess all the stereotypes between the twin countries. Maybe we can think about France and Germany after the 2WW. The youthness do this challenge and meet municipality, do seminaries in order to create some exchanges solutions with one word: multi cultural. If this project, support by few sponsors, speak/work about the bilateral cooperation, the real foot is the youth, and it’s clear than all the young people presents in Ohrid during this weekend were pioneers for this region. We have one european cobaye country and one « unstable » country, but they work together for a common future. What is it more European than that?

Christian, Maya, Ognen and Maya, Pull Lacoste, and D&G sun glasses, largest smile, hosted us with a perfect english in Ohrid, where we passed the seminar. I am trying to speak English, and saying how I’m impressed by this iniative. I asked myself which dynamique, young people could be give for Europe? I feel proud about my European volunteer service to give my time to discover the common treasure of this old continent. Cultural mixes and activities. With all the debats it’s clear than young greek people keep hope and i support them to traval, see lot of places, Europe world, every things. This to stay passionate by this cooperation work. Maybe, they can create English lesson for a more fare exchange with macedonian!

Keep hope !




Nous sommes revenues ; Caroline et moi d’une dizaine de jours hors de Vryta. En effet, nous avons eu notre séminaire d’arrivée (voir article Caroline 😉 ) puis nous sommes parties dans la foulée pour la République de Macédoine. Il y trois semaines, 4 jeunes macédoniens (Maya et Maya, Ognen et Christian) sont venus à Edessa dans le cadre d’un échange de jeunes, chapeauté par l’UNESCO. Plusieurs jeunes Macédoniens sont allés dans diverses villes du nord de la Grèce (Thessaloniki, Florina, Edessa) et des jeunes grecs sont allés en Macédoine (Ohrid, Skopia). Ce projet n’est pas un petit projet de vacance mais un groupe de travail qui essaie de faire tomber nombre de stéréotypes entre ces deux pays. La jeunesse se relève les manches et participe à des rencontres avec les municipalités et participent à des séminaires qui mettent en place des solutions d’échange avec comme principal mot d’ordre l’inter-culturalité. Si ce projet soutenu par quelques mécènes traite de la cohabitation bilatérale, il est clair que les jeunes gens qui agissent et participent sont des pionniers pour cette région caractérisée comme instable. La chute du cliché est à l’œuvre et les différents partis s’associent pour le bien commun. Quoi de plus européen pour un pays cobaye de l’UE et un pays « instable » ?

Christian, Maya, Ognen et Maya, pull Lacoste et lunette D&G, grands sourires, nous on accueillis chaleureusement dans un anglais impeccable à Ohrid ou nous avons passé un weekend. Moi, en bafouillant, essayant de leur dire à quel point je suis impressionnée par cette initiative, je me retrouve à me demander quelle dynamique doit on apporter, nous jeunes, à l’Europe. Je me retrouve assez fière de faire mon service européen et donner de mon temps pour découvrir et redécouvrir une partie de la richesse du vieux continent. Un mixage culturel et un activisme certain. Au cœur des débats actuels il est clair que les jeunes grecs gardent espoir et je les encourage à sortir des frontières, voir du pays, de l’Europe et plus, pour rester passionnés par leur démarches et leurs racines. Je leur souhaite également de mettre en place des cours d’Anglais afin que la partie soit plus équitable avec la Macédoine 😉

Bon courage à tous !!!



News volunteers, Lucile and Caroline

Eirini said us that two new French volunteer will go Gialova will come to here the last weekend of march. We will be 6 volunteer. On first of april, Nestor (Greek volunteer) left the house and he went to Thessaloniki. On the same day Eirini wanted us to cleaning house for girls. We cleaned to ll of house, kitchen, garden and nestor’s room before one day to girl.

On 2 april at 5 o’clock Eirini came with girls. We met them. Their name are Lucile and Caroline. Lucile is short and light brown girl. Caroline is tall and she has yellow hair. They looked very nice people. We made cooking with them, after we ate together.

We talked with them during cating. Caroline studied geographie and she worked in france by hospital nurse. Lucile is in charge of communication.

New volunteer girls liked Vritta village. They are wanting to work with birds. Thank to them in Vritta life is better. They like cleaning, they cleaned all of house in first 3 days (and all of things that we didn’t clean). Caroline is very good cooker. She is doing very delicious france cooks.

They did a lot of games about alphabet and birds. Thanks to this games learning birds is very easy and alphabet also. We enjoy during playing the games. I know that after this reading they will hate ma, but I have to say I’m very happy for they didn’t go to Gialova, they come here … J


Yeni gonulluler Lucille and caroline

Mart ayinin son haftasi eirini bize gialovaya gidecek 2 fransiz gonullu kizin buraya gelecegini soyledi. Boylece 6 gonullu olacaktik. Nisan ayinin 1. Gunu nestora evden ayrilip selanike gitti. Eirini bize gelecek kizlar icin temizlik yapmamizi soylemisti. Onlardan once evi, mutfagi, bahceyi ve netorun odasini temizledik. 2 mayis gunu saat 5 sulrinda Eirini kizlari getirdi. Onlarla tanistik. Isimleri Lucile ve caroline idi. Coroline uzun boylu sarisin bir kizdi. Lucile se kisa boylu kumraldi. Onlar icin yemek hazirlamistik. Birlikte yedik. Yemek sirasinda sohbet ettik. Caroline cografya okumus ve Fransada hemsire olarak calismis. Lucile ise uluslararasi iliskiler mezunuydu.

Yeni gonulluler vrittayi cok sevdiler. Onlar sayesinde ev artik cok daha guzeldi. Caroline cok guzel bir asci. Cok guzel yemekler yapiyor. Temizlik yapmayi seviyorlar. Ilk 3 gun icinde butun evi temizlediler. Mutfakta butun kaplari yikadilar. Kuslari ve yunan alfabesini ogrenmek icin oyunlar yaptilar. Bu oyunlar sayesinde onlari ogrenmek cok daha kolay. Biliyorum bu yazidan sonra benden nefret edecekler ama soylemek zorundayim iyiki onlar gialovaya gitmemis buraya gelmisler.



Veria ve hareketli bir gun daha…
Daha onceden kus yuvasi yapacagimizi biliyorduk fakat nasil birsey oldugunu bilmiyordum. Veria Edessa’dan buyuk bir sehir. Guzel gunesli bir gunde cocuklar ile butun gun kus yuvasi yaptiktan sonra Veria gezimize basladik. Bizi gezdiren iki kisinin isimlerini hatirlamiyorum ve bu konuda kendilerinden ozur diliyorum.
Kus yuvasi yapmak icin once topraklari cocuklara dagittik ve kagitdaki talimatlari takip ederek yuvalari yapmaya basladik. Ilk yapisim oldugu icin ben bile bunlari yaparken zorlandim ki cocuklarin neler yasdigini tahmin bile edemiyorum. Koordinatorumuz Eirini neler konustu anlamadim ama kuslar hakkinda bilgi verdigini dusunuyorum. Yunanca bilmeden kucuk cocuklar ile iletisim kurmaya calismak gercekten cok zorlayiciydi.
Arkasindan Yunan kulturune ozgu bir guzel sofrada yemek yedikten sonra sehri gezmeye basladik. Cok guzel bir sehirde yasadiklarini umarim biliyorlardir. Eski evler, yapitlar ve kiliseler…
Umarim tekrardan o sehre gidebiliriz.

Veria and a day with activities again….
We knew we were going to make a bird nest but we had no idea about it. Veria is a bigger city than Edessa. After making the bird nest with the children under a beautiful sunny sky, we started our trip in Veria. Now, I can’t remember the names of our tour guides and I apologize to them.
To build a bird nest, we distributed the mud to the children and then started to buil dit by following the instructions on the paper. As it was first time in my life, I really had difficulty in understanding the instructions and building the nest. I can’t imagine how much difficulty the children had. I didn’t understand what our coordinator was saying but I thought it was about how to build a bird nest. It was really difficult to communicate with little children without having a normal Greek language skill.
Afterwards, we had a traditional Greek meal. Then we started our trip in the city. I hope they know how a beautiful city they live in. Old houses, statues and churches… I hope we can go there once again.


AGRAS – VRITA – NISI PROJECT: Festival in Edessa

March 27, we had a festival in Edessa. We sat in the park near the waterfalls around 10 00. First we hung panels installed and the information booth to sell products from the information center. I was the person who was in charge of the stand. I was with Ali Eren and Irini.
The objective was to Ali and Eren help participants to create a bird’s nest from a block of clay that we model. Irini made a presentation of the swallows.
Until 14h and 00, children and parents came and went to learn about our actions and create their very own nest. We had a lot of people, especially between 30 and 10h 13h 00. More or less 100 peoples was creating a nest. This day was interesting, it’s always fun when it engages children in an activity and it was a good opportunity for parents to have a good time too.

AGRAS – VRITA – NISI PROJECT: Festival à Edessa

Le 27 mars, nous avons eu un festival à Edessa. Nous nous sommes installés dans le parc près des chutes d’eau vers 10h 00. En premier lieu nous avons accrochés des panneaux d’informations et installés le stand pour vendre les produits du centre d’information. Je fus la personne qui avait la charge du stand. J’étais avec Ali, Eren et Irini.

L’objectif pour Eren et Ali était d’aider les participants à créer un nid d’oiseaux à partir d’un bloc d’argile que l’on modèle. Irini quand à elle faisait une présentation de l’hirondelle.

Ainsi jusqu’à 14h 00, les enfants et les parents allaient et venaient pour se renseigner sur nos actions et créer eux même leur propre nid. Nous avons eu énormément de monde, surtout entre 10h 30 et 13h 00. Plus ou moins une centaine de personnes sont venus créer leur nids. Cette journée fut intéressante, c’est toujours amusant quand fait participer des enfants à une activité et c’était une bonne occasions pour les parents de passer un moment agréable eux aussi.


The visit of my cousins
Friday, March 30, two of my cousins ​​came to visit me in Greece. Their plane arrived at 1:45 in the morning in Thessaloniki and we had no place to sleep that night, we went out in the center of the city.
In the morning we took a bus to Volos. Once we found a hotel and joined a friend volunteered to show us the city. After a good night’s rest, we left at 10am 00 to rent a car and take the direction of Meteora. It was beautiful. It was impressive to see the monasteries on top of large rocky peaks with smooth walls. We visited two monasteries and after many pictures, we returned to Volos, took a bus to Thessaloniki where we spent the night.
The next day, Sunday, April 1, we took a train to Edessa and took a taxi to Vrita where we spent a day off. We stayed until Wednesday, April 4 Vrita because I worked during that time (including a festival in Edessa). In particular, we encountered two other volunteers who will live with us: two French.

Then in the afternoon we returned to Thessaloniki and took a train overnight to Athens.
After spending an hour at the hospital (discomfort in the train), me and my friends went to rest in other volunteer friends living in Athens, and after a morning of rest, I made them visited the notable site of the capital. So we went to the Acropolis, Monasteriki, Gazi, Syntagma … And at a restaurant overlooking the Acropolis and have spent the evening in Athens.
Friday, April 6 was very quiet because the night was rude. This also marked the start of my cousins ​​in the afternoon towards Thessaloniki to return to France. I stayed in the apartment of my friends because the next day, was expecting a long journey.

Saturday, April 7 marked my journey for five days in Istanbul. I joined a group of volunteers who are living in Kalamata and we waited the bus near the Acropolis. We were twelve volunteers to leave for Turkey
Start: 16h 30 p.m
Arrived: 06h 30 a.m
Once in the vast city (Istanbul area equal to Holland and its population is slightly higher than Greece) we took a bus to Taxim, a lively area in central Istanbul, to find our hostel. Then we spent our first day visiting the center of Istanbul to learn about places. We visited two mosques, including the Blue Mosque which are open to the public, although it must remove shoes and put a veil on her head for women. We then returned to Taxim to return to the hostel.
The next day (Monday, April 9), we spent the day visiting the great and the small bazaar. The Grand Bazaar is quite impressive: it is a large building with many small stalls who are selling lamps, musical instruments, carpets, clothes, jewelry and other tourists catch. It is expensive but the advantage is that Turkey can negotiate prices. In the afternoon we went to the small bazaar. It’s the same principle as the big bazaar but they sell spices, sweets, perfumes … After the bazaar, we visited the Topkapi palace. It was the old castle of the sultans is now a museum. Although the castle itself is beautiful and impressive, the museum is not really interesting, not attractive enough.
Tuesday’s program was very easy for me because I was sick. So I did not move from the hostel that day …
I was able to catch up Wednesday, April 11. We decided to take a ride on the Asian side of Istanbul. That day I met a correspondent who lives in Istanbul with whom I talk on the internet for two years. My correspondent has served as a guide in the morning and she showed us the summer residence of the sultans, a very luxurious building built in the eighteenth century. For lunch we ate at a restaurant and visited a commercial district. Then in the afternoon we went to a park that offered us a magnificent view over a large part of Istanbul. Then at night I joined my friend volunteer from  Volos who joined us for the rest of our trip to Istanbul.
Thursday, April 12, Claire (the volunteer from Volos) and me were at the Hagia Sophia mosque, one of the seven wonders of the world. It was very impressive, we have rent a camera to tell the story of laughed. Leave to visit a place as significant, as is documenting its history. I then brought the bazaar because she wanted to go. In the afternoon we joined my correspondent in Kabatas to take a boat and join the rest of the group to Princess Islands. It was a beautiful island where the means of transport was horse or bicycle. We have picnics and a short tour by going to the highest point of the island. It was a beautiful day. I’ve said my goodbyes with my correspondent, and thanked her for her kindness.
Friday, April 13, Claire and me went back to the center of Istanbul and spend our last day because my bus was at 18h in the afternoon. So we did shopping and capitalized in the sun for two hours in a bar where you could smoke a hookah and drinking tea. Once returned to the hostel and said goodbye to everyone (because I will never see more some of them …) I went with a heavy heart to the bus station to return to Athens to join my parents who await me.

Visit of my parents
Tired from my 14 hour bus ride, I met my parents and my brother in Athens who had already started their holiday without me. We slept in a apartments for tourists. Saturday has been quiet for me and then we were happy to meet itch other after 4 ½ months of volunteering. We’re just merely a short walk in the park of the parliament. Athens was very quiet because it was the period of Easter, and for the Orthodox it’s corresponding to the period of Christmas for Christians. Therefore all Greeks were at home with family. Only the tourists were out.
We have not done many things Sunday, April 15 because it was still Passover. The stores were closed, people were out so I decided to visit some friends living in Athens with my parents.
On Monday we got up early to catch a boat to the island of Eagina. After 1h 30 crossing we visited the harbor, ate something and then we rented two scooters to make a tour of the island. This was  a good time. Then around 18h ​​00 we took the boat back to Athens and have eaten a last meal together at the restaurant.
My parents and my brother left the next afternoon, I stayed a night with friends last Wednesday, April 17 and I left for Vrita.


La visite de mes cousins

Le vendredi 30 mars, deux de mes cousins sont venus me rendre visite en Grèce. Leur avion est arrivé à 1h45 du matin à Thessaloniki et n’ayant pas d’endroits où dormir cette nuit là, nous sommes sortie dans le centre de la ville.

Le matin nous avons pris un bus pour Volos. Une fois arrivé nous avons trouvé un hôtel et rejoint une amie volontaire pour nous montrer la ville. Après une bonne nuit de repos, nous sommes partis à 10h 00 pour louer une voiture et prendre la direction des Meteora. C’était magnifique. C’était impressionnant de voir des monastères en haut de grand pitons rocheux aux parois lisses. Après avoir visité deux monastères et pris beaucoup de photos nous sommes rentrés à Volos, pris un bus pour Thessaloniki où nous avons passé la nuit.

Le lendemain, le dimanche 1er avril, nous avons pris un train pour Edessa et pris un taxi pour Vrita où nous avons passé une journée de repos. Nous sommes resté à Vrita jusqu’au mercredi 4 avril car je travaillais pendant ce temps (notamment un festival à Edessa). Nous avons notamment rencontrés les deux autres volontaires qui  vivront avec nous: deux françaises. Puis durant l’après midi nous sommes retourné à Thessaloniki et pris un train pendant la nuit en direction d’Athènes.

Après avoir passé une heure à l’hôpital (malaise dans le train), moi et mes amis sommes allés se reposer chez d’autres amis volontaires vivant à Athènes, et après une matinée de repos, je leur ai fait visité les lieux notables de la capitale. Nous sommes donc allés à l’Acropole, Monasteriki, Gazi, Syntagma … Et avons mangé dans un restaurant avec vue sur l’Acropole et avons passés la soirée à Athènes.

Le vendredi 6 avril fut très calme car la nuit fut rude. Cela marqua aussi le départ de mes cousins dans l’après midi en direction de Thessaloniki pour retourner en France. Je resta dans l’appartement de mes amis car le lendemain, un long voyage m’attendais.


Le samedi 7 avril marqua mon voyage pour cinq jours à Istanbul. Je rejoignis un groupe de volontaires vivant à Kalamata pour attendre le bus près de l’Acropole. Nous étions douze volontaires à partir pour la Turquie

Départ: 16h 30 p.m

Arrivé: 06h 30 a.m

Une fois arrivé dans l’immense cité (la superficie d’Istanbul égale la Hollande et sa population est légèrement supérieur à celle de la Grèce) nous avons pris un bus pour Taxim, un quartier animé dans le centre d’Istanbul, pour trouver notre hostel. Puis nous avons passé notre première journée à visiter le centre d’Istanbul pour prendre connaissance des lieux. Nous avons visité deux mosquées dont la mosquée bleue qui sont ouverte au public, bien qu’il faille enlever des chaussures et mettre un voile sur la tête pour les femmes. Nous sommes ensuite retourné à Taxim pour retourner à l’hostel.

Le lendemain (lundi 9 avril), nous avons passé la journée à visité le grand et le petit bazar. Le grand bazar est assez impressionnant: c’est une grand bâtiment avec de nombreuses petites échoppes qui vendent des lampes, des instruments de musiques, des tapis, des habits, des bijoux et autres attrapent touristes. C’est chère mais l’avantage en Turquie c’est que l’on peut négocier les prix. L’après midi nous avons été au petit bazar. C’est le même principe que le grand sauf que les échoppes s’orientent plus à la vente d’épices, de sucreries, de parfums … Après les bazar, nous avons visité le château de Topkapi. C’était l’ancien château des sultans qui est désormais un musée. Bien que le château en lui même est magnifique et impressionnant, le musée n’est pas réellement intéressant, pas assez attractif.

Le programme du mardi fut très simple pour moi car j’ai été malade. Je n’ai donc pas bougé de l’hostel ce jour là …

J’ai pu me rattraper le mercredi 11 avril. Nous avions décidé de faire un tour dans la partie asiatique d’Istanbul. Ce jour là j’ai pu rencontrer une correspondante qui vie à Istanbul avec qui je parle sur internet depuis deux ans. Ma correspondante nous a servis de guide et le matin elle nous a montrée la résidence d’été des sultans, un bâtiment très luxueux construit au XVIIIème siècle. Le midi, nous avons mangé dans un restaurant et visité un quartier commerciale. Puis l’après midi nous sommes allés dans un parc qui nous offraient une vue magnifique sur une grande partie d’Istanbul. Puis le soir j’ai rejoint mon amie volontaire de Volos qui nous a rejoint pour le reste de notre voyage à Istanbul.

Le jeudi 12 avril, Claire (la volontaire de Volos) et moi avons été à la mosquée Sainte Sophie, l’une des sept merveilles du monde. C’était très impressionnant, nous a avons louer un appareil pour raconter l’histoire de la moquée. Quitte à visiter un lieu aussi notable, autant se documenter sur son histoire. Je l’ai ensuite amené au grand bazar car elle voulait y aller. Durant l’après midi nous avons rejoint ma correspondante a Kabatas pour prendre une férie et rejoindre le reste du groupe aux Iles Princesses. C’était une ile magnifique où les moyens de transports étaient  cheval ou à vélo. Nous y avons pique niqués et fait un petit tour en allant au point le plus haut de l’ile. Ca a été une très belle journée. J’y ai fait mes adieux avec ma correspondante et l’ai remercié de sa gentillesse.

Le vendredi 13 avril, Claire et moi sommes retournés dans le centre d’Istanbul pour y passer notre dernière journée car mon bus était à 18h 00 de l’après midi. Nous avons donc fais les magasins et profités pendant deux heures au soleil dans un bar où l’on pouvait fumer un narguilé et boire du thé. Une fois retourné à l’hostel, et fait mes adieux à tout le monde (car je ne reverrai surement plus certains d’entre eux …) je suis allé, le cœur lourd à la station de bus pour retourner à Athènes pour rejoindre mes parents qui m’y attendent.

Visite de mes parents

Fatigué par mes 14 heures de bus, je rencontra mes parents et mon frère à Athènes qui avaient déjà commencés leurs vacances sans moi. Nous avons dormis chez une personne qui loue des appartements pour les touristes. Le samedi a donc été calme pour moi et puis nous étions heureux de nous retrouver après 4 mois et demi de volontariat. Nous nous sommes juste contenté d’une petite marche dans le parc du parlement. Athènes était très calme car c’était la période de pâque, et pour les orthodoxes cela correspondant à la période de noël pour les chrétiens. Donc tous les grecs étaient chez eux en famille. Seuls les touristes étaient dehors.

Nous n’avons pas fait beaucoup de choses le dimanche 15 avril car c’était encore pâque. Les magasins étaient fermés, personnes n’étaient dehors donc j’ai décidé de rendre visite à des amies vivants à Athènes en compagnie de mes parents.

Le lundi nous nous sommes levé tôt pour prendre un bateau en direction de l’ile d’Eagina. Après 1h 30 de traversée nous avons visité le port, mangé quelque chose puis nous avons loués deux scooters pour faire le tour de l’ile. C’est un agréable moment. Puis vers 18h 00 nous avons repris le bateau pour retourner à Athènes et avons mangés un dernier repas ensemble au restaurant.

Mes parents et mon frère sont partis le lendemain après midi, je suis resté une dernière nuit chez des amis et le mercredi 17 avril je suis repartis pour Vrita.

Activity with children called Unstructured Areas

In 03.4.12 We were in Edessa for an activity with children called «Unstructured Areas». First we shared the childrens in different groups by giving them cards which had written on different bird names and their calls. They had to find eachother by making these bird voices- it was so funny to see them running around and making sounds and movements similar to the birds. Later when all children had found their groups they were given an assignment in the park. Children had to walk around and write down what they saw in the park. For example what was the condition of the park, did they find any garbage and what kind of a garbage. Also what trees they saw, bushes, how noisy was the park and was there any water and many other things. After this assignment all the groups got their bird houses and they wrote their team name on it and also they had to find a suitable tree for the bird houses and we helped to attach these to the trees. There were 2 big groups, totally 62 children in the age of 10. With the first group we were in Edessa park called 25 of March and with the second group in the waterfalls park.
It was a great day, with lots of fun and with environmental education for the children.

03.4.12 osalesime lastele mõeldud projektis Edessas. Kohale tuli 62 last vanuses 10. Lapsed jagati kahte suuremasse gruppi, kus ühe grupiga tegelesime pargis nimega „25. Märts“ ja teisega pargis „Waterfalls“.
Alustuseks sai lapsed jagatud meeskondadessse, see protsess toimus nii, et sai neile jagatud paberilipikud, kuhu oli peale kirjutatud linnunimed ja nende laulu imiteermiseks mõeldud sõnad. Lapsed pidid leidma nende meeskonnakaaslased imiteerides linnulaulu- igal meeskonnal oma linnulaul. Oli päris naljakas vaadata, kuidas segaduses lapsed jooksid ringi, et oma meeskonnakaaslasi leida tehes linnulaulu järele. Kui meeskonnad olid koos sai jagatud neile ülesanne, kus nad pidid jalutama pargis ringi ja märkima paberile mida nad nägid enda ümbruses. Näiteks mis konditsioonis on park- kas seal leidus prügi ja missugust, samuti mis puid ja põõsaid nad nägid ning palju muud. Kui nende ülesanne oli täidetud sai iga meeskond linnumaja kuhu nad kirjutasid peale oma meeskonnanime ja nad pidid leidma sobiva puu oma linnumaja jaoks, mille meie aitasime hiljem kinnitada puu külge.
Selleks tegevuseks oli väga ilus päev ja oli tore vaadata, et lastele oli see huvitav ja samuti väga õpetlik keskkonna alal.



Welcome in the Wetland

Hi every body !

I’m Lucile, I’m 24 years old. I studied in communication and management. Caroline and me are in little village who call Vrita in Greek Macedonia. We can discover the real Greek life here. I think I take the Greek rhythm because I sleep a looooot. Wednesday have been a great day for me because we have done our first bird monitoring. We have seen beautiful birds, pelicans etc… Ali showed us few species and he helps us to count many Fulica Atra. Thanks Ali!

At the house, we have hosted by 4 volunteer, Ali and Eren (Turkey), Eno (Estonia) and Pierre (France too). They clean the house and Caroline and me will have good time here! I hope I can do one photo report about the life in Greek Macedonia. Keep in touch! Lucile



Hi every Body!


Moi c’est Lucile, J’ai 24 ans. J’ai fais mes études en communication et gestion de projet. Nous sommes, avec Caroline, à Vrita en macédoine grecque, un petit village qui nous permet de nous plonger dans le quotidien grec. Je pense avoir pris le rythme grec en faisant une boooonne sieste à peu prés tous les jours. Mercredi a été pour moi un jour remarquable car nous avons pu faire notre premier bird monitoring. Nous avons vu quelques très beaux oiseaux dont deux pélicans. Ali nous a montré quelques espèces et nous a aidé à compter les Fulica atra… Merci Ali !

A la maison nous avons été accueilli par 4 volontaires Ali et Eren (turcs), Eno (Estonnien) et Pierre (Français). Ils avaient bien préparés la maison, Caroline et moi-même pensons passer de bons moments ici.

J’espère que je pourrais faire un petit reportage photos sur la vie des personnes, ici en Macédoine Grecque. On reste en contact 😉



First step in Vritta

Hi everybody !
I’m Caroline. I come from the South-West of France. I am 27 years old and I studied Geography and Environment.
I arrived in Athens at April the 1st . There, I met Lucile, another French volunteer like me.
Together we stayed one night in Athens. Then we taked a bus to Edessa, in the North of Greece.
There, Eren, Eno, Ali and Pierre waiting for us. They are the 4 volunteers which we will live the next months. There was also our coordinator, Eirini.
The small village where we live is very cute and over there we have a beautiful view on the wetland of Agra.
The welcome of Eirini, her team and the 4 boys was very sympathic. Eirini really loves her job and it’s a pleasure for me to work with her for the next months.
The others volunteers seems to me very nice and I looking forward to know them more. I have a very good feeling with Lucile, it’s my co-pilot in the house. I love the tzatziki very spicie that makes Eren. Eno is very interesting. Ali is definitely a nice guy and I hope that one day Pierre learn to me to play accordeon!
See you soon

Bonjour à tous !
Je m’appelle Caroline, je viens du sud ouest de la France. J’ai 27 ans et j’ai étudié la Géographie et l’Environnement.
Je suis arrivée le 1er avril à Athènes, où j’ai rejoins Lucile, une volontaire française comme moi.
Ensemble nous sommes restées une nuit à Athènes avant de prendre le bus pour Edessa, dans le Nord de la Grèce.
Là-bas nous attendez Eren, Eno, Ali et Pierre, les 4 volontaires avec lesquels nous allons vivre les prochains mois et notre coordinatrice Eirini.
Le petit village dans lequel nous sommes installés est très mignon et de là haut nous avons une très belle vue sur la zone humide d’Agra.
L’accueil que nous a réservé Eirini, son équipe et les 4 garçons était très sympathique. Eirini est vraiment passionnée par son travail et cela me fait très plaisir de pouvoir travailler à ses côtés durant les prochains mois. Quant aux autres volontaires, j’ai hâte de faire plus ample connaissance avec eux, mais je sens déjà que nous allons former une bonne équipe. Je m‘entends très bien avec Lucile, mon copilote dans la maison, j’aime beaucoup le tzatziki très epicé d’Eran, Eno est vraiment très interesting, Ali est definitely quelqu’un de bien et j’espère bien que Pierre m’apprenne un jour à jouer de l’accordéon.
Voilà pour le moment et en attendant la suite…

Carnaval of Edessa

We knew that Edessa have big carnaval at 25 February. My greek friends sait me that this carnaval will be very good. We have seen preparations of carnival 10 days ago. We wake up early on carnaval day. Eirini come for take us. After breakfast we started go to Edessa. Our frien Sufi (She’s came from Turkey. She is president of YAP Zonguldak Assosication)was with us. When we come to Edessa, We started to travel. Firstly we travelled to waterfalls. They was very beautifull like everytime. We took a lot of photos. We did good trip in Edessa. Everywhere had carnaval costums. The all of roads there was people with diffirent costumes.We wear costums also. My clothes was very good. I was half superman and half pirate. Atnight 17.00 o’clock carnaval started. People was walking on the road with diffirent costumes. Supermans, batmans, Charli Caplins and polices… All of costumes was good. But I liked very much Nazi’s costumes (they make fun at Germany and Merkel) and car. When carnaval finished,  we went to party. After midnight we came back to Vrita village by taxi…


Edessa Karnavalı

25 Şubat günü Edessa’da büyük bir karnavla olacağını biliyorduk. Yunan dostlarımız karnavalın çok güzel olacağını söylemişti. Karnaval hazırlıklarını 10 gün önceden görüyorduk. Karnaval günü erkenden kalktık. Eirini bizi almaya Edessa’dan geldi.  Kahvaltıdan sonra Edessa’ya doğru yola çıktık. Türkiye’den gelen arkadaşımız  Sufi’de bizimle birlikteydi.  Edessa’ya varınca burada geziye başladık. Öncelikle şelaleleri gezdik .  Şelaleler her zamanki gibi muhteşemdi. Edessa’da güzel bir gezi yaptık. Bol bol fotoğraf çektik. Her yerde karnaval giysileri vardı. Sokaklar karnaval için giyinmiş ve eğlenen insanlarla doluydu. Bizde kostüm giydik. Benim kostümüm çok ilginçti. Ben yarı korsan ve yarı süpermendim. Akşam saat  17.00 gibi karnaval başladı. İnsanlar farklı kostümleri ile büyük bir caddede geçit yapıyordu. Süpermenleri, betmenler ve taş devri adamları… Bütüm kıyafetler güzeldi . Ama ben en çok Nazilerin kıyafetleri ve arabalarını sevdim. Karnaval’dan sonra bir partiye gittik. Burada uzun zaman geçirdik. Partiden sonra taksiyle Vrita Köyü’ne geri döndük



Good people, Good Seminer, in Athens…

Eirini give information before about Seminar that we will go in Athens. And finally The seminar day come on 13 February we wake up early. After one short prepation, we went to Edessa by taxi. Eirini met us there. With her we buyied ticket  for 08.00 o’clock bus. We came to Athens bus station after 8 hours difficult travel. We used metro and we came to Titania Hotel. Hotel is nearly Akrapolis. We settle to our rooms that was good and comfortable.  I meet with my room friend Andy from Belgium. One some day we start to training on seminar. We are 27 volunteers and 2 trainers . Trainers are very friendly. We learned all the information, that we can need. We made searcing and we make a short movie. And my volunteer friends was fine and good persons. After training everyday we went to outside for activity. We played games on hotel. My one Estonian, one French, one Poland and one İtalian friends teached me some words from their language. 5 days was very good and very nice. Last day of seminar  everybody give to contact information for again seeing. On 18 Febuary at 12.00 o’clock we left to Hotel. Our finding to bus station wasn’t difficult. At 14.30 we left to Athens by bus. Again we did 8 hours travel. We came to Edessa at 22.30 and We went to Vrita by taxi…



Güzel insanlar,  güzel seminer, Atina’da…

Eirini bize Atina’da gideceğimiz seminer hakkında bilgi vermişti. Ve sonunda beklediğimiz seminer günü geldi. 13 Şubat sabah erkenden kalktık, kısa bir hazırlıktan sonra taksi ile Edessa’ya gittik. Burada Eirini bizi karşıladı. Onunlşa birlikte saat 08.00  otobüsüne bilet aldık. Otobus hareket saatinden 9 saatlik süren uzun ve zor bir yolculuktan sonra Atina’ya vardık. Kısa bir metro yolculuğundan sonra konaklayacağımız Titania Hotel’e vardık. Otel Akrapolis yakınlarındaydı. Odalarımıza yerleştik. Odalar güzel ve rahattı. Oda arkadaşiım Belçikalı Andy ile tanıştım. Aynı gün eğitime başladık. Eğitimde 27 gönüllü ve 2 eğitmen vardı. Eğitmenler çok arkadaş canlısıydı. Eğitimde, ihtiyacımız olabilecek bilgileri öğrendik. Çeşitli konularda araştırma yaptık. Kısa videolar çektik. Gönüllü arkadaşlarım eğlenceli güzel ve hoş insanlardı. Her gün eğitimden sonra dışarıya eğlenmeye gittik. Otelde oyunlar oynadık. Fransa’dan,  İtalya’dan, Polonya’dan ve Estonya’dan birer arkadaşım bana kendi dillerinden kelimeler öğretti. 5 gün eğlenceli ve güzeldi. Eğitimin son günü herkes birbirine veda etti. Birbirimize yeniden görüşmek için iletişim bilgilerimizi verdik. 18 Şubat günü saat 12.00 gibi otelden ayrıldık. Otobüs istasyonunu bulmamız zor olmadı. Saat 14.00’da otobüs ile Atina’dan ayrıldık. Yine 9 saatlik yolculuktan sonra Edessa’ya döndük. Edessa’dan taksi ile Vrita köyüne vardık.