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Visit to Dadia

From my arrival, I have visited some places and for this reason I’m happier. The last place has been Dadia, where we were hosted in the house of other volunteers that work with the WWF. Dadia is a beautiful natural park where we could see Haliaeetus albicilla and Aegypius monachus. I’ve never seen the white-tailed […]

Big Changes………from Gialova to Vrita

So…………after 4 months of my EVS being spent in Gialova I am now here in Vrita, a place of many contrasts but of equal beauty! The Gialova project was an amazing experience which gave me many great memories that i will never forget.  4 months spent camping near the beach, a sea to swim in […]

Walk in the Wetlands

Two new volunteers arrived at Vrita village some days ago and we went together to visit the wetlands near the springs, a beautiful place with a wooden bridge crossing the lake . The good and nice thing is that every time I told them that in this place we can see that kind of bird, […]

How many surprises more wait us in Agras-wetland

Hi dear reader. I hope that you enjoy your adventures with nature, equally we do here in Vrytta-wetland. The swans (Cygnus olor) search food and it show you their bottom. Sometimes it looks as if they are doing synchronized swimming. One day, near one observation spot, to surrounded of gymnosperms, redbeeds and water, I took […]

Turtles and Lizards in Vryta

Hello everybody, As I promised, I’m going to speak about reptiles that I could meet around Vryta. Despite that I could observed some snakes, I’m not going to speak about them today (no picture, snif…). So, the next article will be dedicated only to grass snakes and vipers. Firstly, reptiles, like amphibians, are ectothermals animals […]

Amphibians’ Wetland

Sun, flowers, songs of birds; it’s the spring on Vryta, and it’s also the starting season for amphibians and reptiles! So, I have decided to write articles about these unknown species which are well represented in our favorite wetland. For this first, I’ll speak about the diversity, the life and roles of amphibians. So, Amphibians […]

Elisabeth new in Vryta

Hi! I am from Switzerland (city of Basel) and am studying environmental sciences in Zurich. At the moment I am here form my internship as part of my master studies. I wanted very much to come to Greece for my Internship thus I am also half Greek and was very happy when I got the […]

Xelidona at Nisi

On the 1st of March a festival performed by primary school children took place in the nearby village of Nisi. This yearly festival, known as the Xelidona, is carried out in the beginning of March to celebrate the change of seasons and welcome Spring. On this day, the children left the school accompanied by their […]

Salomé from France

Hello everybody! I arrived in Greece one week ago to start my EVS project on …birds of course. I come from Rennes, a city in Brittany (Bretagne), where I finished my studies. So, firstly, I’ll introduce myself quickly. I finished my master degree in Evolutionary Ecology last year and, because I was tired to work […]


Hi, my name is Mari and I’m a new volunteer of the HOS project at the Agras-Vryta-Nisi Wetland. I arrived from Italy one week ago as part of the Let’s be Amicus EU project and I’ll be staying in this lovely corner of Greece for the next four months. The first eight days of my […]