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European Midwinter Birdmonitoring in Agras-Vrita-Nisi wetland

Last week we had an opportunity to participate on the European Midwinter Bird Monitoring. In Tuesday we were in two points for do the bird monitoring. “Taverna” and “Theater”. In this lasts places we saw a lot of birds. In Wednesday we had three places for do the bird monitoring: “Springs”, “Marmara” and “Info Center”. […]

Birds in the wetland of Agras

The other day I had to do “birdmonitoring” alone. Normally it is not like this and it is good to do accompanied. Other people may see or hear something that you don’t see or hear in that moment. And of course, it is more pleasant. By other side because of you don’t talk with anybody […]

Last news from the wetland of Agras

The last days in Vritta and in the wetland have been characterized by the cold weather. Here, it has snowed several times. And we could see the whole area: the meadows, the cherry-gardens and the mountains surrounding this area in a singular way. Although for birds anything changed. When I do birdmonitoring I find the […]