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Always something new in the Wetland

The nature is turning mad ! After the changes of colors for some species to adapt for the winter one month ago, I notice this week that the Podiceps Cristatus started to change his white dress for a brown one. In no time, it will put his orange and funny hat for the seduction period. […]

Maintenance and so on…

First raining day since a long time… The perfect moment for me to talk to you about those last two weeks ! With the other volunteers we had the opportunity to completely clean our observatory point of Saint George Island. We spent a long time making it seems like it was new, and we succeed […]

Big Changes………from Gialova to Vrita

So…………after 4 months of my EVS being spent in Gialova I am now here in Vrita, a place of many contrasts but of equal beauty! The Gialova project was an amazing experience which gave me many great memories that i will never forget.  4 months spent camping near the beach, a sea to swim in […]

Walk in the Wetlands

Two new volunteers arrived at Vrita village some days ago and we went together to visit the wetlands near the springs, a beautiful place with a wooden bridge crossing the lake . The good and nice thing is that every time I told them that in this place we can see that kind of bird, […]

How many surprises more wait us in Agras-wetland

Hi dear reader. I hope that you enjoy your adventures with nature, equally we do here in Vrytta-wetland. The swans (Cygnus olor) search food and it show you their bottom. Sometimes it looks as if they are doing synchronized swimming. One day, near one observation spot, to surrounded of gymnosperms, redbeeds and water, I took […]

White Stork in Vrytta

Very short post to say just that the White Stork (Ciconia Ciconia ) has arrived in Vrytta! The first exemplary arrived here almost three weeks ago, and just after some days another one came, so now we have a couple! They live in a nest on top of a fake electricity pole, specially realized by […]

Birds in the wetland of Agras

The other day I had to do “birdmonitoring” alone. Normally it is not like this and it is good to do accompanied. Other people may see or hear something that you don’t see or hear in that moment. And of course, it is more pleasant. By other side because of you don’t talk with anybody […]

Spring is coming

Winter will be finished soon. After 2 months we were watching always the same species of water birds, we have seen yesterday (March 13th) two new species: – Garganey (Anas querquedula) – Green sandpiper (Tringa ochropus)   I think that spring will be very interesting… Probably sometimes it will be more difficult for species determination! […]


We had counted 4100 Fulica atra for all the wetland. Normaly they are resting in channels and we can’t count all them but on wednesday 5 november, they were all visible in theatre or taverna.

birds pictures continuation

Gia sas So, that is the continuation of my bird’s pictures take in the wetland always with digiscopie system (Kite sp ed 80 and coolpix p5100) There is too a picture of one place where I am hid for take this picture next to the channel.